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How to use your iPhone as a flashlight

If you find yourself in a situation where you need extra light, the flash of the iPhone camera is great as a flashlight. There are more functions than you might expect, that is, how you can use it.

Turn on the flashlight directly above the lock screen.

If you need to access the flashlight, you can do so directly using the lock screen on iPhone X models. In the lower left corner is a small icon that looks surprisingly like a flashlight.

If you just touch the icon, nothing is done ̵

1; you have to press it on the X / XS / XS Max or press it for half a second on the XR (turns on when you let go). This prevents the flashlight from accidentally turning on in your pocket or accidentally hitting the icon while trying to do something else.

Left: Off; Law; On

Repeat the same action to turn it off.

Turn on the flashlight from the control center

If you want to control the flashlight more accurately, turn it on the control center. The process is the same regardless of whether you use an iPhone X model or an older handset with a home button.

First, launch the Control Center – on iPhones, swipe up from the bottom of the screen or off the clock on X models with a Home button.

Once there, tap the flashlight icon in the lower left corner to turn it on immediately Adjust the brightness here as well. For iPhones with 3D Touch, press the flash icon. Just press Haptic Touch on the iPhone XR. This will display a brightness slider that allows you to adjust the intensity.

And that's all that goes with it.

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