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How to watch Indian baseball without cable in 2019

  Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians have two of the best infielders in the game, Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez.

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The Cleveland Indians have won three consecutive titles at AL Central, but are still looking for their first World Series crown since 1948 – the longest drought in baseball since the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs of that century Won the title. The Indians have a lackluster start this season, but should challenge the Minnesota Twins for a fourth consecutive title, with stars Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez on the pace and Cy Young, hopeful Trevor Bauer, leading the pitching team.

Indian fans who also happen to cable television cable cutters have a number of ways to watch the tribe, whether you're in Cleveland or a non-market supporter of the club.

Being played:
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Live TV Streaming Services for Cable Cutter: How To Select …


Stream the Indians live in Cleveland

2019 Indian Games are shown on SportsTime Ohio on the Cleveland Market. All major live TV streaming services, starting with Sling TV for only $ 25 per month, are provided by SportsTime Ohio.

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Sling TV

SportsTime Ohio is included in the Blue package for $ 25 a month from Sling TV. (The plan is currently reduced to $ 15 a month for the first three months, allowing you to enter the pennant race towards the end of the regular season.) Check here to see if you're on the right market for SportsTime Ohio. For national broadcasts, Sling TV's Orange Plan includes ESPN and ESPN2, and the Blue Plan includes Fox and FS1. Both plans offer TBS. The MLB Network is available as part of the Sports Extra Add-on, which costs $ 5 per month for Sling Orange customers and $ 10 per month for Sling Blue customers.

$ 25 at Sling TV

Hulu with live TV

Hulu with live TV costs $ 45 a month and includes SportsTime Ohio. On the welcome page, click the "See all channels in your area" link to see which local channels are offered in your postcode. For national broadcasts, Hulu offers live TV ESPN, ESPN2, Fox, FS1 and TBS, but not MLB Network.

$ 45.00 in Hulu with Live TV

YouTube TV

YouTube TV costs $ 50 a month and includes SportsTime Ohio. It also includes the channels that broadcast national baseball broadcasts: ESPN, ESPN2, Fox, FS1, MLB Network and TBS. Enter your zip code on the welcome page to see if SportsTime Ohio is available in your area.

50.00 USD on YouTube TV


FuboTV costs $ 55 a month and includes SportsTime Ohio. Click here for a list of FuboTV's regional sports networks. It also offers Fox, FS1 and TBS for national broadcasts, but not ESPN, ESPN2 or MLB Network.

$ 55.00 at FuboTV

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Nows maximum package for $ 70 a month includes SportsTime Ohio. It also includes ESPN, ESPN2, Fox, FS1 and TBS for national broadcasts but not the MLB network. You can use the Channel Search tool to check if SportsTime Ohio is available at your place of residence.

70,00 USD on DirecTV Now

All the live TV streaming services listed above offer free trial versions. You can cancel at any time and request a full version internet connection. Would you like more information? Take a look at our massive streaming service guide .

Out-of-Market Indian Streaming

If you're an Indian fan who lives outside of Cleveland, you can not watch the Tribe on SportsTime Ohio. However, you can stream your games live with an MLB.TV subscription.

You have two options:

  • Pay $ 119 per year (or $ 25 per month) to watch any out-of-market live or on-demand games and the In Market Team (Home Team) with a 90-minute delay from the end of the game.
  • Pay $ 92 a year to see a single out-of-market team. In this case the tribe and nobody else.

Both MLB.TV plans also include home and away radio broadcasts. The radio broadcasts are not subject to the blackout rule, so you can watch the home matches live.

$ 44

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