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How to watch the 2018 NBA Final on your smartphone for free – without a cable subscription «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

After two dramatic Conference Finals, the dust has settled to reveal … the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Well, at least the Irving-loose Celtics and Rockets (just ahead of Chris Paul for games 6 and 7) gave it all. With these teams fighting for the fourth time in a row, people want to know if the Cavs can even catch up in 2-2.

While last year's finals were a bit more dramatic, what with Durant chasing his first ring and the dubs? After a 3-1 victory, we're trying to get back on track, but this year is still going on. With a Cavs victory, LeBron could stay in Cleveland for a few more years. However, the Warriors can really consolidate the dynasty they built with their third championship in four years.

While anyone with a television will be able to watch the nationwide televised games on ABC, you want to know the best ways to watch the NBA Finals on your Android or iPhone ̵

1; and you also do not want to pay for it. This is not a problem, because there are many ways to lose the Cavs for free.

Schedule 2018

  • Game 1: Thursday, May 31st, 9pm EDT, ABC and WatchESPN
  • Game 2: Sunday, June 3rd, 8pm EDT, ABC and WatchESPN
  • Game 3: Wednesday , June 6, 9:00 pm EDT, ABC and WatchESPN
  • Game 4: Friday, June 8, 9:00 pm EDT, ABC and WatchESPN (if required)
  • Game 5: Monday, June 11, 9:00 pm EDT , ABC and WatchESPN (if required) [Game6:ThursdayJune149:00pmEDTABCandWatchESPN(ifrequired)
  • Game 7: Sunday, June 17, 8 pm EDT, ABC and WatchESPN (if necessary)

Method 1: Get WatchESPN with a Streaming Cable Trial

Since not all ABC affiliates are available for streaming in all areas, the surest way to stream the NBA Finals is through WatchESPN. If you have compatible subscriptions, you can watch the game in any US market since Disney owns both ABC and ESPN.

WatchESPN requires you to have access to ESPN through a cable subscription – but do not worry, all new streaming cable options are compatible, and both offer free trial versions.

So, start with YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Playstation Vue, Sling TV or DirecTV Now, and be sure to select a level that ESPN offers. All levels for YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Playstation Vue and DirecTV now have ESPN, but only the "Orange" and "Orange + Blue" Sling TV levels are included.

When you're done, grab the WatchESPN App for iPhone or Android:

Once you install Watch ESPN, tap on the Settings button in the top right corner, then click on "Select Provider". Then select the streaming service you just signed in for and enter your credentials. After you have logged in, you can freely view the NBA Finals.

The finale can take as long as 18 days, So if the series lasts 7 games (yes, right … sorry Cavs fans, but KD ruined the NBA), you'll need to sign up for a few of these services and get the benefits of 7-day testing for everyone – think Make sure you cancel subscriptions on time.

Method 2: Watch ABC with a Streaming Cable Study

The second method works much like the first method, but it does not work for all . All the streaming cable services mentioned above have contracts with some ABC affiliates, which means you can stream the games directly without WatchESPN – but only in selected markets.

So either YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Playstation Vue, Sling TV or DirecTV Now, and enter your zip code to see if ABC is available in your area. If so, you can stream the games without using the WatchESPN app.

Method 3: NBA App

This is probably the worst way to see the finals, even if you are a League Pass subscriber you will not see the game until 3 hours after it has aired. Nevertheless, without a subscription, you can listen to the radio for free, which is really nice.

Other options

If these options are not accurate to suit you, then try to reach out to some friends and family and see if you can use their cable login information to gain access to WatchESPN by selecting their cable provider in Method 2 and entering your details instead. You can do the same thing with the NBA app, although these subscriptions are harder to get than your standard cable cable.

If you see the game in a noisy bar, then you can use it You can hear it for free.

There will also be a lot of illegal streams where you can watch the game. There is even a whole corner of Reddit which was carved for NBA Streams . Keep in mind that some of these programs may contain malware and the like, so use them with care and at your own risk.

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