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How To Work As A Software Developer Online: Everything You Need To Know

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There has never been a better time to become a software developer. The demand for software developers is constantly increasing, as well as the variety of tasks they need to do. Then there is the payment.

According to USNews.com the average software developer earned $ 101,790 in 2017. According to Gorroo.io, the average C # developer earns $ 102,000 a year.

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In short, programming is currently one of the most sought-after skills in the world. If you want to work online or prepare for the next step in your career, there are only a few smarter steps than learning code.

The average C # developer earns $ 102,000 a year.

But where should I start? If you're someone who has not worked on code in the past, you may be completely at a loss as to how to get started. In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know: What does a software developer do, what skills do you need and how do you find work?

What does a software developer do?

A software developer is someone who develops software. That means they write code, use tools, and often do a project from start to finish. Alternatively, they can be hired to identify errors in existing code or to update or add new features.

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In both cases, your work is mainly to solve problems using a variety of programming languages, APIs, and tools. You can edit projects directly for customers, through an agency, or as part of a larger organization.

Types of Software Developers

The reason why "Software Developer" is so broad is that there are so many different types of software that you may need to work on and so many different tools that you may be using to realize this.

 DevOps Man Coding Typing Cooperating

A software developer can also work as a web developer or a "full-stack developer" to create a website or add interactive features. You can develop mobile apps or work on in-house tools.

Another difference to consider: software developers vs. Software Developer: What's the difference?

These two terms may be used interchangeably, but the difference is smaller in the nature of the work to be done and the approach. Software developers look at code from a technical point of view: they look at the lifecycle, they investigate errors and bugs, and they usually work on large projects in larger teams.

 Facebook Scrum Project Management System

Software developers are more of a project's primary creative director. They develop software from start to finish for a client or organization, usually to fulfill a specific role.

So, if you work as part of the Facebook development team, you're a software engineer. When you create apps for customers, you are a software developer. In both situations, it may well happen that you are both called.

What skills and qualifications does a software developer need?

To be a software developer, you need to learn how to program.

 Java programming development book

The next question is "What is the best programming language for learning?" or "What programming languages ​​do employers want?" and employers (Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, C #, C ++, Ruby) is the truth that this depends entirely on the type of work you want to do. Here are some examples:

Full-Stack Developer

Python, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby are all languages ​​used for Web development. If you work on an online portal or make updates to web apps like Twitter, some of them are probably helpful. In this role, it can also be beneficial to understand databases (SQL) and navigate a server.

 Python Encoding

A "full-stack developer" is a web developer who has made it's final shape: Someone covering all aspects of web design and maintenance from the front-end ( HTML, CSS, JavaScript) through the backend (PHP, Python, Ruby) to server maintenance. This type of professional is in high demand.

Here's a great course from Udemy if you want to learn more: bootcamp for full-stack web developers.

Mobile Developer

 Mobile Developer

However, if you're interested in developing Android apps, you'll need to learn Java or Kotlin (ideally both). You'll need to familiarize yourself with Android Studio, the Software Development Kit (SDK), and all the new concepts that Google is constantly introducing (such as Instant Apps or Bubbles).

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If you want to earn a living with iOS apps, you should learn Swift and Objective C and become familiar with Xcode. If you want to build Windows apps or work across platforms, you'll need C # and Visual Studio skills.

Game Developer

To become a game developer, you should definitely learn C # and ideally C ++. You should get to know the big game engines (Unity and Unreal) and maybe add a bit of CAD to your skills.

The Ultimate Guide to Unity for Game Development at Udemy is a good start.

 Man typing laptop coding

This is just a scratch on the surface. Other software developers will work on software with electronics, deal with big data, and more.

Then there are the specific tools companies will use to manage their workflow and collaborate on larger projects. When I visited Facebook in London a few months ago, I was introduced to the many different tools with which the company keeps projects on course. These include Phabricator, Mercurial, Sapienz and more.

 Facebook Programmer Developer Working

Tools like Github (for version control) are likely to be useful for software developers and engineers working in a variety of industries. Project management apps like Asana or Basecamp are also very useful for remote work. Proofing your experience in these areas further completes your CV and makes you even more employable.

Conclusion: What you need to know depends on the type of software developer you want to become. [19659008] The Best Certifications for Software Developers

So, if you chose the type of work and the code you want to write, you'll need to determine the type of training you need. Do you need a degree as a software developer?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is no, but it certainly helps.

 Web Developer

Although it is possible to find a job without a degree, a computer science degree will still be a requirement for a variety of organizations and employers. It also gives you an excellent understanding and competitive advantage over unskilled applicants.

Likewise, a degree provides you with an advantage over other applicants during the application process.

But degrees are expensive and most expensive adults do not have the opportunity to integrate them into their busy lifestyle. In this case, it is second best to take online courses and get a certification that can demonstrate a basic understanding.

 cording in cafe

There are many industry-recognized certifications that you get some influence in applying for a job.

For example, you can get the Unity Certification directly from the company, which can be useful for game developers. If you want to become an Android developer, you can apply as an Associated Android Developer, an official Google program. You can also become a certified Android application developer, which is widely recognized.

Certifications like these provide assurance to customers and businesses to hire you. They show that you really have the knowledge you supposedly have, which means that you can be brought up to date with minimal additional training.

 Programmer for Android Studio Development

Simply Google the type of work you are interested in and find the most popular certifications in this field. If you're not sure, choose one of the big languages ​​like C # or Java or look for a computer science or full-stack course that has a lot of basics.

Do you need certifications to become a software developer? [19659009] The cheapest option would be to become a software developer without certification or qualification. But is it possible to find work as a purely self-taught developer?

I can assure you, because that's what I did. I learned BASIC programming on a ZXSpectrum and from there extended my knowledge with QBASIC, B4A, then Java, C #, Python and more.


Just as I could by letting my CV speak for me. I developed a successful Android app with over 100,000 paid downloads, worked with some pretty big names, and then wrote a technical book on game development for Apress Media (Springer).

These services provide exactly the same kind of assurance to customers as would a certificate, and allow me to charge much more than I could otherwise Android development and opened Android Studio (well, Eclipse at that time). I sat dumbfounded and looked at the multitude of different windows, dialogues, …

I strongly recommend creating apps and websites in your free time to give examples of your work, do cheap work for friends, build a portfolio, and get involved in open source projects on GitHub or participate in hackathons.

Most freelance websites such as UpWork also offer short tests that you can perform to demonstrate your basic understanding.

Even without this kind of experience. If you agree to receive the payment upon receipt, not to over-charge and provide examples of your work, you should be able to get some jobs immediately.

 Software Developer

As To find work with large employers, some professionals suggest that certification could not help at all.

If you know one programming language, it's relatively easy to understand the others. While the syntax, tools and some of the rules may be different; The first language you learn is still by far the most difficult. There is an equivalent of "if" in just about any language you learn.

If you know one programming language, it is relatively easy to understand the others.

Working in an organization will always require training. Very few employers expect you to know everything immediately, and quite frankly, there is a lot of embarrassment in the career of a software engineer. In the beginning, expect to feel completely out of your depths and be overwhelmed with a "cheater syndrome." But do not worry, that's how everyone feels!

How to Teach Yourself Code

Learning the code is a challenging process, and advanced concepts such as object-oriented programming can be difficult to crack. Luckily, a large amount of free material is available online. We've already featured some great courses from Udemy and there are many more. For example, we have a course for Android developers by Gary Sims.

 Woman Typing or Coding Outside on a Laptop

Here are some more great code learning tools:

And there There are many great courses on sites like SkillShare.

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Work through this logically and practice with your own projects. At first, it's difficult, but if you focus on the aspects that you enjoy, you'll get there.

Finding Paid Work as Software Developers

The final piece of the puzzle is finding a paid job as a contractor, a full-time work-from-home employee, or a freelancer.

When looking for freelance workplaces, they mainly use job postings, freelance websites like PeoplePerHour or UpWork.

 Online Software Developer

There are also freelance websites that are specifically designed for software developers and engineers. These include Rent-a-Code and even Stack Overflow.

There are other ways to earn money with expertise as a software developer. You could become a writer (as I did at some point) and write tutorials for blogs or books for technical publishers. You could teach through online courses; Why not create your own skill share course?

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Or, create your own app, upload it to the Play Store, and then earn a passive income while you sleep. And that would have the nice added benefit of being a brilliant demonstration of your abilities as well.

 Jobs as Software Engineer

Concluding Remarks

In short, there are countless ways to become a software developer. But if you take just one thing, it should be like this: learning to program is a great idea and an even better career move.

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