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How to Work with Friends and Colleagues on Pages Documents «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Google Docs was developed for teamwork and collaboration, but Apple's iWork suite provides the same functionality. If you want to work on a pages document on your iPhone and get suggestions from other members of your team, you can easily invite them to view, comment, edit, and more right next to you.

It's not difficult to invite other Pages users to join your document. In fact, it does not matter which Apple device or platform your colleagues or friends are using. Whether working from an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can all work, share and collaborate freely.

Step 1: Opening the Collaboration Menu

After opening Pages, there are several ways to get started The process of having other Pages users collaborate on your report, letter, book, flyer, poster, map, Envelope, business card, certificate or any other Word document to be invited. In addition, all options work if you open or access the file from the app instead. (Note: here we are only discussing the iOS side of things, although macOS may be very similar.)

Option 1: From the Pages document

Find and open your document from the Last or Browse the tabs . Then tap the collaboration icon at the top (a profile icon with a plus sign (+)).

Option 3: By Only the "Browse" menu [19659006] Find your document on the Browse tab and tap "Select" at the top. Then tap the file you want to share. Then tap the Share button and then the Add People action.

Move your document to iCloud (if necessary).

If "Add People" is not displayed, "Move to" will be displayed Warning "iCloud" when tapping the "Collaborate" button inside the document, your file will be in the "On My iPhone" folder or at another Location outside of iCloud Drive.

How to Move a File from the Last or Tabs in the Document Manager and hold the Key pressed to call up the context menu. Again, the list is black on iOS 12 and rather gray on iOS 13.

Tap Move on the menu and place it anywhere in iCloud Drive. The inside of the Pages folder is a good place to keep your Pages documents in one place. Then tap "Copy" and Apple will move a copy of the document to iCloud Drive to prepare it for collaboration. If you do not see iCloud Drive as an option, you must enable it (see below).

After moving the file, the original document is still outside of iCloud Drive , You can delete it because you probably do not need it anymore.

Enable iCloud Drive for Pages (if required) [19659006] If you have not seen iCloud Drive as an option in the Pages file manager, you must enable it. To do this, go to Settings and touch your name at the top of the page. From here, tap iCloud and enable iCloud Drive if you have not already. Finally, make sure "Pages" is checked below.

Step 2: Select Sharing Options [19659004] After tapping, tap the icon for collaboration or the "Add People" link to "Sharing Options" to change the sharing rules of the document before sending the invitation. Collaborators can not share it) or someone with the link (which can be given by other collaborators). If you select Everyone with the link, you can add a password to the document. Permissions allow you to choose whether the person should make changes or just show them without interacting with them.

Step 3: Send Invitation

You now need to choose how to send your invitation link would like. The pages display a list of suggested apps that you can use to share them. You can scroll to the bottom of this list and tap More to see more options. Regardless of which sharing options you choose or how you share your invitation, Pages activates collaboration once you've sent at least one invitation to the document – even though none of your invitees have yet accepted it.

Step 4: Collaborate with others

Now anyone can with the appropriate Permissions to view or edit the document next to you. You can get started right away, but first you'll get a brief overview of some of the collaboration tools that you either run as an owner or as a collaborator:


If you want to leave a comment, long press on the area you want to comment on and then tap the arrows until you get to "Comment". Tap on it and enter your comment in the field provided. When you're done, tap Done.

You can treat comments as simply as possible. Comments appear in the document as a small rectangle. Tap to open the comment. From there you can tap on "Reply" to add a reply, or on "Delete" to delete this comment. You can use the arrows at the bottom right to scroll through the comments in the document. You can also tap the ellipsis (•••) to open advanced options.

Managing Changes

You can quickly see who's active in the document by tapping the collaboration icon, where you can customize your sharing settings and invite more users, and cancel the sharing. When a user is active, you can tap on the user's point to review the live changes. All edits made by the user are the same color. So, if you want to review all edits made by a user, you can scan the document for that color.

If you want to view the document without these ads or comments, you can disable them by tapping the ellipsis (•••), then tap Settings, and ensure collaboration activity. and "Comments" are disabled.

Stop sharing

If you've had enough collaboration, you have the tools, to stop it in its tracks. If you want to invite people privately instead of using a public link, you can remove them one at a time. Touch the collaboration icon and then the user. Then tap on "Remove access". In the pop-up, tap Next, and that user, not his edits, will be removed from the document.

If it's your last employee, the collaboration automatically ends. However, if there are still users in circulation, you can end the collaboration for the entire team whenever you want. Just tap the collaboration icon again and then "Stop Sharing". From here, tap "OK" in the popup, and all collaborators will be booted from your document.


According to Apple, there are some limitations that you face when working together That's all you can not do in Pages when you work with friends and colleagues:

Cover Picture and Screenshots by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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