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Huawei retired from SD and Wi-Fi standard groups

Huawei is in a difficult situation. Google has taken its Android vendor license, Intel, Qualcomm and ARM refuse to cooperate with the company, Microsoft has taken advantage of its laptop and cloud offerings, and now the mobile company from the SD and Wi -Fi standard associations excluded.

If you want to create a product that uses SD cards, you must join the SD Association. It is a non-profit organization that sets standards for SD and microSD cards. Membership is required to create products that use the standard.

Without membership, you can not make SD cards or products that works with SD cards. And now Huawei is not a member. Therefore, new phones that have been developed may not use Google apps, need to rely on standard Android (or the backup operating system that the company is reported to be working on), a mobile processor other than ARMs, and SD cards dispense his devices.

To make matters worse, the Wi-Fi Alliance seems to have dumped Huawei as well. Ejection is not all that bad, Huawei can continue to integrate Wi-Fi into its products, but does not receive certification for these products.

All this, however, only affects the future, all that has already happened The process should be covered. But the future is coming closer and Huawei is unable to master it. [Android Police]

In other news:

  • A 1
    3-year-old Australian hacked Apple for a job:
    How do you prove your passion for a business while demonstrating your skills? If you said "hack her of course" then stop. This plan was not good for minors in Australia who created false credentials to invade Apple servers. He was caught and dismissed from the courts with a slap on the wrist (due to his age). [Gizmodo]
  • Best Buy has canceled all pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold: The Samsung Galaxy Fold can not yet set a release date. Given this fact, Best Buy has deliberately decided to cancel all pre-orders for the phone worth $ 2,000. If you've dropped the money to get an experimental phone and just found that it breaks easily, you're probably grateful that Best Buy is free at the moment. [Engadget]
  • Microsoft Project Xcloud can stream more than 3,500 games: Microsoft has released more details about its upcoming streaming service. The biggest problem may be the fact that more than 3,500 games can be streamed without developers having to make changes. E3 should be exciting this year … unless you are Sony. [The Verge]
  • An original Apple that I packed in a $ 500,000 briefcase: Apple I computers are rare to find and are typically sold high at auctions. MacBooks did not exist in 1976. So what can you do for portability? Of course, put the thing in a briefcase. Probably worth every penny for a board built by the Woz itself. [TechCrunch]
  • HP wants you to buy a wooden laptop with a better trackpad: Okay, the unit is not entirely made of wood, it's probably just a veneer, but the new HP models are definitely beautiful , Even better, HP's latest laptops make the Synaptic trackpad superfluous to Precision drivers. The net profits are trackpads that are not terrible. Hopefully. [The Verge]
  • The ZenBook Pro Duo by Asus is a laptop with a second screen on the keyboard: The new laptop from Asus is wild. First, it's your standard 4K-15-inch laptop with a full-size keyboard. But then you realize that they have a second 4K display above the keyboard full. The space is a problem, so the touchpad is laterally offset and serves as a number pad. Only time will tell if the concept is in use, but in pictures it looks neat. [ZDNet]
  • Corsair's new SSD is so fast it needs a heatsink: AMD recently announced support for PCI Express 4.0, which is fantastic for SSD drives. PCI is usually a bottleneck for SSDs, and Corsair's new entry shows what to look for in case of suffocation. The company promises that its new MP600 SSD can achieve up to 4950 MB / s sequential read and 4250 MB / s write, nearly double the fastest cards ever. All this speed comes with heat, hence the gigantic heat sink. Super fast. [AnandTech]
  • The new iPod Touch from Apple has a newer processor and a larger hard drive option: The last update of the iPod Touch took place in 2015. Apple did that today with a good performance and gave the iPod Touch the A10 Fusion processor. This is sufficient to allow Augmented Reality features. Coupled with a new 256 gig hard drive option, the iPod Touch should work for some time without problems. [Apple]
  • You can buy things soon with Ikea's mobile apps: To buy Ikea products online, you need to use the company's website. The app of the company acts exclusively as a companion in the business. An upcoming revised app adds purchase options that save 4000 steps in the showroom. If you're wondering what takes so long for the app to finish, you're still trying to figure out how Code 47B can be inserted into 59A with the included Allen key. [Digital Trends]

The World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to officially include "Gaming Disorder" in the list of "globally recognized diseases". Before you get out your pitchforks, this is not a statement that all games are bad or bad sort.

The Who classifies game disturbances according to the following patterns of behavior:

1) impairment of control over the game (eg beginning, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context);
2) increasing the priority of gambling to the extent that gambling takes precedence over other vital interests and daily activities; and
3) Continuation or escalation of gambling despite the appearance of negative consequences. The pattern of behavior is so severe that it significantly impacts personal, family, social, educational, professional or other important functions.

It's not the idea that playing itself is not bad. But that some people become addicted to gambling and begin to ignore the real responsibilities, duties and relationships. These people may not leave home, go to work, meet with friends to play games. No matter how harmful it is to her life.

If you doubt that this could really happen, you should be aware that this describes a lifetime of this author. For a little over a year, I stopped working, stopped interacting with people, left unpaid bills, failed college, and threw away almost everything that was important. Most days I only left my bedroom to get something to eat. All in all, I was able to play an online role-playing game that seemed to mean more than anything mentioned above. Breaking up the pattern of behavior led to a complete change of life and a constant avoidance.

Detecting addictive behavior is essential to finding solutions that can stop and break the pattern. And this is a crucial first step for people who are trapped in a cycle of their own work and do not know (or do not want to admit) what they are doing to themselves. [BBC]

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