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I have a video doorbell and can not live without it now – Review Geek

One of the latest smarthome devices I have installed in my house is a video doorbell. And now I wish I had installed it much earlier. Video doorbells are fantastic and now I can live without them. Here is the reason:

Video doorbells differ in shape, size and position, but have some similarities. As the name implies, they act as doorbells that someone can call. And they serve as a surveillance camera and record videos of anyone approaching the door. And as a bonus, you can usually talk to a person who rings at your door without opening the door – or even better, even when you're not home. The rest of the details change from doorbell to doorbell.

You can operate some video doorbells ̵

1; such as Ring – with batteries. This is helpful if you have no or no wiring for the doorbell work. In other cases, you will need to connect some video doorbells, such as the Nest Hello and Eufy Video doorbells, to the wires of your doorbell to get power. Without them, they will not work.

All video doorbells use an app that allows you to watch a video stream, and most have optional subscriptions with additional features. In most cases, a subscription is required to view previously recorded videos. Without them you can only watch live videos.

Why I love my video doorbell

Video doorbells are a cornerstone of your home. And I adore mine. I work from home and spend most of my day in the office. I have no clear view of my front door and I am far enough off the road that I can not hear cars driving up.

My packages are safe.

  A video that still shows a Fedex delivery A person leaving the door has a parcel on the porch.
Another package that was delivered almost without knocking.

As a reviewer, I often get packages, often without a tracking number. Before I got a video doorbell, shipments often sat on my porch all day – even though I was home. For some reason, four out of five deliverers would not ring or knock on my door. They drop the delivery on the porch (or worse, I suppose I occasionally threw the box on my porch) and leave. I have a covered porch and occasionally I found packages in my driveway (which is annoying). Sometimes I had rain packs. Another time, I did not know that a shipment I badly needed was on my porch hours ago.

Now my doorbell will alert me when someone approaches the door. I'll take a look, see it's a delivery, and get my package right away. And the delivery staff are ringing more often, if not every time.

I pay attention to how they turn off the box. I have not seen anyone throwing a package yet, but at the same time I have not found any damaged boxes. I suspect they notice my video doorbell and think better.

I can just ignore lawyers

Working from home means to need a continuous environment. Unfortunately, working at home means nobody respects this fact. While I can control what happens in my house, I can not stop other people from ringing the door or knocking on the door. Sometimes it's an important message from a neighbor I have to answer, but most of the time it's a lawyer.

With the Nest Hello, when someone rings the doorbell, my Google Home announces all the familiar faces I've taught him. Sometimes I know who is at the door before I even watch the video. I can also let her know that I'm on my way to the door.

Without a video doorbell I would not know who it is until I went to my door and looked through the peephole. And I had to hope that they did not hear me. Now, when someone rings the doorbell, I can see who it is, and if it's a lawyer, I can close the video and work again. I'm not going to the door. I do not even leave my office. They think I'm not home and go to the next house and I do my job.

I control my doorbell (and my door)

 The Nest App with Vidoe Doorbell / off togle.

Thanks to the bell control of my video doorbell, I can turn off the bell completely. As a parent, I sincerely wished I had this function when my children were babies. I could have avoided the pain of finally getting her to sleep just to have the ring ring.

And once I had my dog ​​examined by an extended family member while I was out of town. I programmed a Smart Lock code to enter the house, but for some reason that did not work. She wrote me a text message, and thanks to my video doorbell, I could confirm that it was her, and grant access to my home. My dog ​​was grateful for the video doorbell and the Smart Lock that day.

Video doorbells are not just for smart homes

If you think, "That sounds good, but I do not want a smart home." I have good news for you: video doorbells are not just for smart homes , Even if you do not install another Smarthome object in your home, a video doorbell works great for you.

The only other device you need is a smartphone or tablet. You may already have one (maybe even one) both). You'll benefit even more from a video doorbell if you have a voice assistant display like Nest Hub or Echo Show and a smart lock. They are not required.

Even without other smarthome technology, you benefit from a video doorbell. You will still receive alerts when someone approaches your door, and you can see and talk to those people. For all the essential advantages of video doorbells, no smart home is required. Instead, the smarthome technology improves the functions of the video doorbell.

If you know when parcels arrive or when the person at your door is a lawyer or what pizza you ordered, you should get a video doorbell. If accepting the door without opening the door sounds like a security feature that you could use, you should get a video doorbell.

And when little kids take a nap and fear the door is ringing, you should get a video doorbell that connects to your carillon. Yes, you can mute your chimes manually. However, this is more time-consuming than tapping a button in an app.

The Best Video Doorbells

If you are wondering which doorbell you want, here are some recommendations based on different requirements. If you choose a doorbell, you should ask yourself a few questions. Will it fit in the room you have? Does it require cabling and, if so, do you have a working doorbell cabling? And are you ready to subscribe to additional features? That should help to narrow down the most suitable doorbell for you.

The Best Wired Video Doorbell: Hello Nest

<img class = "wp-image-21429 size-full" data-pagespeed-lazy-src = "https://www.reviewgeek.com/thumbcache/ 0/0 / 0ac1ce6a8cc8884145bbd62967cf8c48 / p / uploads / 2019/08 / x2b99af48.jpeg.pagespeed.gp + jp + jw + pj + ws + js + r + rp + rw + r + cp + md.ic.3qDcCzcALd.jpg " alt = "A Nest Hello Video doorbell recommends the nest Hi, It's the only doorbell that we know has continuous recording around the clock, while other doorbells only pick up when they're being touched or moved

They provide high-quality video, control your chimes, and in combination with a Nest Hub, you'll get near-instant video when someone rings the doorbell. If you've enabled Face Recognition, your Nest Hub even announces Nest Hello is also one of the smallest video doorbells, so if you have limited space, Nest is a good option The biggest drawback is that some of the best features, such as previous recordings, require a Nest Aware subscription. However, we believe these features are worth the cost.

The Best Battery Powered Video Doorbell: Ring 2

  One Ring 2 Video Doorbell

If you have no wiring for the doorbell (or do this, but it does not work), that is Ring 2 Ring is a great option. This doorbell is battery operated and integrates with Alexa products. The doorbell records only when motion or people are detected, but that may be all you need.

You can put Ring 2 in your home, and if you do, you can control the chime of your home. Otherwise, you will either have to buy a battery-powered ringer or settle for notifications for smartphones and tablets.

The best battery powered doorbell

The best cloudless video doorbell: the eufy security Wi-Fi video doorbell

 ] An eufy video doorbell and a wireless chime.

Most video doorbells require a cloud subscription if you want to view previously recorded video and enable other features. The Eufy video doorbell prevents this trend by recording your video locally. All functions are also available without subscription. As with Ring, it records only when triggered events occur, but even without the cloud, events include movement and human recognition. That is, it is not triggered by a cat. You also get the integration of Alexa and Google Assistant.

eufy offers an optional cloud storage subscription for $ 3.99 per month with unlimited storage space, but local storage provides enough space for most users. It can record videos for about a month if your doorbell records 30 30-second videos a day. That's more than most people need. And as a bonus, the eufy doorbell is delivered with a wireless gong. You must purchase this separately with the battery-powered ringtones.

Best Cloudless Video Doorbell

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