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iCloud for Windows Powered by OneDrive Tech

Yesterday, Microsoft has written updates for a cloud service, but, surprisingly, the company did not talk about OneDrive. Instead, iCloud, Apple's cloud service, was the topic. As it turns out, iCloud for Windows uses OneDrive features.

One of the better features of OneDrive's Windows integrations is Files on Demand. If you have a terabyte of data in the cloud and a laptop with only 500GB of disk space, you do not want to sync everything to your computer. However, if you do not synchronize all the data, it's difficult to keep track of your cloud data without logging in to a website or app and browsing through all your data.

Files on Demand fixes this problem. When you open the File Explorer and Browser from synchronized OneDrive folders, placeholders appear for all items in the cloud, but not for all the items on your computer. If you double-click on a file or image, it automatically downloads and you will have access in the future.
Until you need them, the data does not take up any space on your computer, which balances the knowledge of what you have in the cloud with limited local availability.

Until recently, you had to use OneDrive to benefit from Files on Demand. Dropbox and Google Drive have a similar feature, but you need to be a business customer to take advantage of it. If you're using Apple iCloud on Windows, you'll now also benefit from Files on Demand. The latest update to the iCloud Windows app gives you access to iCloud Drive through File Explorer. It also displays placeholders for files that you have not yet downloaded locally. And of course, you can share and edit them through Windows, and those changes will show up on your iOS devices.

One can only hope that the personal versions of Dropbox and Google Drive will add Files on Demand in the future. In the meantime, it is good to see that Microsoft and Apple work together for the benefit of consumers.

In a continuing indication that the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is life-sustaining, the Apple iCloud app is a Win32 app, not UWP, although it can be found in the Microsoft Store. [Microsoft Blog]

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In Other News:

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  • Microsoft blocks pairing BLE security keys: It has been discovered that certain security keys, such as Google's Titan key, have a server security vulnerability. Google offers a replacement, but as a precaution, the latest Windows update now blocks the use of these keys. Hard but fair. [ZDNet]
  • Facebook Pays You for Surveillance Privileges: You can remember when Facebook landed in hot water by tracking the behavior of minors using company certificates and promised rewards. The company still wants to know everything about you, but this time it will be better. Facebook surveys are open only to adults, do not capture as much information (which apps you have, but not what messages you send), and clearly outline their intentions to match those of any other company you capture. Small steps. [The Verge]
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets a sequel: You can remember Breath of the Wild because you bought a Nintendo Switch. It was a beautiful and fantastic entry into the Zelda series with an action that was not necessarily a sequel. Do you know what the sequel to Scream means? Fifteen million copies sold. Unfortunately, no release date. [Engadget]
  • Researchers found a critical bug in WordPress's live chat plugin: WordPress' live chat plug-in is used by websites around the world for support and customer service. Unfortunately, security researchers found a bug that would allow bad actors to steal all chat logs from a website, insert text into active chats, or even trigger denial-of-service attacks. If your WordPress site uses live chat, you should update as soon as possible. [TechRadar]
  • You can preorder the Atari VCS Retro Console now: You already have the classic NES, SNES and Playstation consoles. Get your Nostalgic Dollars now, because you can now pre-order the Atari VCS Retro Console via GameStop from Walmart. But you will really want it, the console ranges from $ 250 to $ 399, depending on the RAM size and whether Atari contains controllers. Hey, the Xbox prices are a small price for 100 Atari games, right? [GameSpot]
  • Huawei postpones the launch of his latest laptop indefinitely:
    The bad news for Huawei never ceases. The company had planned to announce a new MacBook competitor, but these plans are being shelved. With the current US bans, they simply can not find anyone who can sell the device. The company promises to repeat the rollout if bans are ever lifted. [CNBC]

Imagine walking, enjoying the summer weather and stumbling over a huge, shaggy wolf's head. Hopefully, let the scientists know after a horrified scream of your amazing find. That's exactly what happened to a resident of northern Jakarta, Siberia.

With nearly twice the size of a modern wolf's head, the head of this wolf is enormous, which was common for wolves of that time. Scientists say it's probably not a terrible wolf; They did not travel so far north. And admit, you've just learned that cruel wolves are not just found in Dungeons and Dragons.

Scientists are incredibly excited about the remains because they are 30,000 years old. And thanks to the permafrost, the head is remarkably well preserved. Researchers already have plans to sequence DNA and perform tests on the brain tissue, which was not possible with previously found remains.

You have already done a cat scan of the head, which is both fascinating and terrible, you should take a look at it. Incredibly well-preserved remains of animals that are so old are rare finds. It is difficult to say exactly what scientists will learn from this head, but it can give us a better understanding of wolves and through them, your pet dog. [Gizmodo]

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