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I'm so ready for Spielberg's After Dark Horror Series – Review Geek

  Steven Spielberg
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Although Steven Spielberg is not the biggest fan of allowing streaming content for Oscars and other accolades, he's creating a brilliant streaming-only horror series for the band upcoming network Quibi. And I can not wait.

While horror movie streaming is nothing new ̵

1; there's even a whole platform dedicated to the genre – Spielberg's approach to his upcoming spooky series is quite original. First, it will only be available for phones. Second, you can only watch it after dark. Legit.

As far as the "cell phones only" thing is concerned, that's more about the network on which this new, as yet unnamed, show will be streaming. It's for a network called "Quibi," which stands for "Quick Bites" (ugh). If you have not heard of the network yet, you are not alone – it is still very new and has not yet been officially launched. The idea is simple: bite sized shows that are only between 7 and 10 minutes long. It should be available from April 2020 for $ 4.99 a month with advertising and $ 7.99 without advertising.

It's not a bad idea for the small company to get Spielberg's name right out the window (they have Sam Raimi and Guillermo del Toro on board too!), But even more interesting is that they fulfill an unusual request could. Spielberg wants the new show to be seen only at night so viewers have to watch them in the dark. Although there are no other details, such as an action that can arouse the interest of many, including myself.

Quibi developers could achieve this by using the geolocalization and the clock of the phone to only the broadcast between the Both display dusk and dawn. The old Stevey boy wants to make sure you can not get past the system and watch his movie when the sun is shining. (Who's doing that? Horror movies during the day? Scoff!)

But yes, that's super cool. And while I'm generally skeptical of a seemingly unconventional idea like Quibi, Spielberg's show, along with everything that Mr. Sam Raimi can think of, is enough to sell me. I'm in.

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