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Import data into Excel by snapping a photo | News & opinion

Data entry is a painful task. If there was only one way to automate the process of capturing and adding data to a spreadsheet. Now available with the mobile version of Microsoft Excel.

You can now use the app (iOS, Android) to take a picture of a chart and convert it to editable text.

Sign in first (or create). a Microsoft account; Otherwise, you will not be able to create new worksheets or edit data.

Tap the icon in the upper-right corner of the app and select the type of document you want to open. [19659002]   Excel App

If you want to import data from an image, you can take a photo from the Excel app. Tap the Data from image icon on the bottom toolbar to open your camera. Focus on the chart you want to put in a spreadsheet. While the app tries to read the data, an orange rectangle appears. Take the picture and it is available for review.

 Excel App

After you have taken the photo, you can use the app to view the image and determine if you want to continue working with it or not. Tap the check mark on the screen to go to the next step, or tap the X button to try again. You can also crop and rotate the image on this screen.

 Excel App

Here you can edit the preview. Excel shows you the captured image in addition to the best possible approximation of the data contained therein. The app marks the cells that it believes to deliver questionable results that are highlighted in red. Tap Review to display each item individually and select Ignore to accept it, or Edit to make changes. You can also double-tap a cell to edit it. Tap Done to save the changes.

 Excel App

When you have reviewed everything, tap the Insert button to add the chart to your spreadsheet. You can then use the app to share the final product by sending it as an attachment via email or sending a link.

 Excel App

While this process works with both images on paper and from a screen, I found that the former works much better than the latter. An image that originates from a piece of paper only needs to be parsed, while an image on a computer screen may require significant reformatting due to distortion. Certainly, an attempt to create a diagram from scratch strikes. [194559007]

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