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Import photos from a camera or phone using photos on the Mac

  macOS Photos App

iCloud Photos displays photos from all of your Apple devices in the Photos app on your Mac. However, if you have an Android phone, a digital camera or limited space in iCloud, you will need to manually import it.

The process is pretty simple for any device. First connect the device and open the photo app. You can find it on your Mac's dock, or you can press Command + Space to open Spotlight and search for "photos." In the sidebar on the left, under Devices, look for devices.

  macOS Photos app devices list

If your device is not displayed, you may need to make sure that the device is in the correct mode to import photos. Some cameras have an import mode that you may need to enable, and most cell phones (including Android and iPhone) will probably need to be unlocked before they appear here. The method may differ depending on the manufacturer, so you will need to check the operating instructions of your camera if it does not work.

After connecting, click the device name to bring up the import page. A list of all photos will appear on the device. It will separate the new photos from the already imported photos and let you choose which photos to import.

 MacOS Photos app import screen

After selecting the photos, click the "Import # Selected" button. The photo app will transfer it from your device to your Mac and add it to your library.

If you only want to transfer the latest photos that you've previously taken after syncing with your Mac, click "Import all new photos" to add everything to your library under "New photos." You can find your photos after import by clicking on "Photos" or "Imports".

The Photos app automatically adds photos to your main library. However, if you want to be better organized and imported into a specific folder, you can click the Import To menu at the top of the library. In this way you can easily create a new photo album without leaving the import window.

 MacOS Photos app import options

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Optionally, you can save the photos after importing from the phone or clear the camera to free up space on the device. This is absolutely safe and optional.

When you start the import process, it may take a while, depending on how many photos you import and how slow the connection to your device is. Make sure your device does not turn off during the import process.

If your device does not appear in the photo app, you may need to copy the photos to your computer and then manually drag them into iPhoto. Alternatively, you can choose to import from a folder in the Finder by choosing Import from the File menu.

When you take photos on film, you must first digitize them. You can do this with the Image Capture app and a scanner.

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