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Inside Breonna Taylor’s apartment and why the police are there

More bullet holes pierced a wall just below a picture of blue-green flowers, and in one room a bullet shot through a shoebox into the sole of a sparkling sneaker.

In her closet filled with shoeboxes, another bullet landed near a snakeskin print boot. A Mickey Mouse bath toy set is sucked onto the tile over a bathtub. A wall sticker of the Eiffel Tower will match the bedspread and pillow cases in a bedroom. A colorful hanging piece on your front door reads: “Home”.

“And she had only recently started saying, ‘Yeah, I think I’m almost done. I just want to get a house first and then go from there,'” said Tamika Palmer.

Graphic on the front door of Breonna Taylor's house.
What led the Louisville Subway Police to this house to execute a search warrant related to a drug investigation shortly after midnight on March 13 has been the subject of months of investigation. The botched robbery ended Taylor’s life and has been extensively investigated and caught public attention with nationwide protests and a movement to “say your name”.
No officers involved in the raid were charged on charges of Taylor’s death. Former detective Brett Hankison, however, was charged with three willful first-degree threats for allegedly shooting blindly at Taylor’s apartment. He did not plead guilty.
The official testified that police knocked six or seven times before Breonna Taylor was fatally shot

Taylor, 26, a paramedic and aspiring nurse, had no criminal history. No drugs, money or paraphernalia were found in Taylor’s apartment, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said. An investigator in his office told the Grand Jurors that the officers had failed to execute the search warrant for Taylor’s home.

Documents that were part of an investigation by the public integrity department were released on Wednesday. They posted photos of the scene hours after Taylor’s death and details of an investigation into a suspected drug trafficking ring that eventually led police to their home.
In the months leading up to Taylor’s death, a police investigation involving a one-time friend, Jamarcus Glover, returned her to her home address several times, according to police records. Glover is a convicted felon believed by the Louisville Metro Police to help supply drugs to the ring.
A police photo of a letter from Jamarcus Glover found on Breonna Taylor.
A CNN investigation in July found that detectives linked Taylor’s house to Glover, who was suspected of supplying a local drug house. Police said Glover recently used Taylor’s home as his “current home address,” according to a search warrant affidavit.
Taylor’s family has consistently denied that she was tied to a drug ring, and her mother spoke about how the allegations upset them in August.

“I’m pissed off because I know how hard Breonna worked,” said Palmer. “I know Breonna is not about this life. Breonna couldn’t tell you where to buy a dime bag of weed. She’s not that person on the news.”

Black Americans are sick and tired of the lack of justice for police murders.  Breonna Taylor's decision is another disappointment

Police documents show Taylor released Glover from prison on two counts in 2017. Glover didn’t give Taylor’s Springfield Drive home address as his home address until February 20, according to a police summary of the case. Detectives received his bank records, which police documents said he also used their home as their mailing address.

In Taylor’s apartment on the day of her death, police photos show mail addressed to both Glover and Taylor’s then boyfriend, Kenneth Walker III. Walker was with Taylor the night she died, firing a gun he was allowed to carry when plainclothes officers “forcibly broke the door,” Walker alleged in a lawsuit, triggering a storm of bullets. Walker’s shot hit and wounded an officer, according to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, which Walker’s attorney denies.

A police photo of a letter from Glover found at Taylor’s house reads, “From day one, I’ve kept it real, letting you know I’m trying to build something with you.”

Two months before Taylor died

According to police documents summarizing the case, on Jan. 2 the Louisville Metro Police installed a camera in front of a house they were staying for a drug investigation on Elliott Avenue, 20 minutes from Taylor’s home.

Within an hour of setting it up, the police say they are 15 to 20 vehicles drove to and from home, which according to police records is “an indication of the drug trade”. Later that day, officials said they saw a Taylor registered car pull up outside the house, and Glover got out of the passenger side.

There have been conflicting reports of packages being sent to Breonna Taylor's address prior to the fatal attack

Glover was arrested the next day on drug charges and Taylor called at least 26 times from prison, police records show.

Glover says to Taylor, “Just be ready so you can get me. I love you.”

“I love you too,” she said.

Ju’Niyah Palmer, Taylor’s sister, previously told CNN that Taylor was not involved in Glover’s alleged drug operation and had forbidden him from bringing that aspect of his life into her personal life.

“You can’t come into my house with drugs,” she quoted her sister as saying when she told Glover. “My sister lives here and I cannot risk her being hurt because of your actions.”

On January 10, police installed a GPS tracking device on a car Glover sometimes drove after detectives “exhausted all conventional surveillance equipment,” police records show. Police say they tracked the car that drove to Taylor’s apartment at least six times in January. In one such case, police took photos of Glover, who left her home on January 16, on suspicion that it was a USPS package.

“The girl was killed because of you”

The crime scene photos released by the police include a picture of a white board with the title

A month before Taylor died on February 13, police surveillance photos showed that a Taylor-registered car was driving home on Elliott Avenue, according to police records. Glover got off the driver’s side and went into the house. A few minutes later Taylor got out of the passenger side of the car, looked around, and went back inside.

According to the police records, detectives saw Taylor’s car pull in “several times at different times of the day and night”.

Laws ending arrest warrants after Breonna Taylor's death are

CNN has asked Taylor’s family lawyers to comment on the newly released reports. They previously claimed Taylor was not involved in Glover’s alleged drug trafficking.

“It has always been our position and is still such that she was never involved in illegal activities,” Taylor’s family lawyer Lonita Baker previously told CNN.

On March 13th, the day Taylor was killed, the police carried out a search warrant on the house they were in say they found a “large amount” of suspected crack cocaine and suspected fentanyl pills hidden in a Crown Royal bag. police Say it also found a large amount of cash, digital scales, and “other evidence of drug trafficking”.

At the same time that the house on Elliott Avenue was searched, police officers also executed a search warrant on the Springfield Drive apartment that Glover listed as his home – Breonna Taylor’s house.

The judge hears arguments about whether the grand juror is allowed to speak freely in the Breonna Taylor case
The crime scene photos released by the police include a picture of a white board titled “No Knock Warrants” and “Knock and Announce” at the top, as well as several addresses, including Taylor’s. Photos of five men are pasted on the board under the word “ZIELE”. Jamarcus Glover’s face and name appear on this list. Neither Breonna Taylor nor Kenneth Walker’s name appears anywhere on the board.

On the same day, during a series of recorded prison calls, Glover discusses Taylor’s death and their relationship with a woman whose name is edited on police records.

“Chop (Glover’s nickname), the girl was killed because of you,” the woman said during a morning call.

“All my mail and s *** … it has nothing to do with Wroc’s house,” said Glover.

Later that day, while mailing at Taylor’s house, Glover told the woman, “I and Bre haven’t been together in over two months,” he says. “There’s nothing wrong with Bre.”

Glover said on another phone call with the woman that Taylor had $ 8,000 of his money.

“You have to get this, don’t get it wrong, but Bre handled all my money, she handled my money,” Glover said.

The discharged police officer believed his colleagues were killed during the assault on Breonna Taylor
According to the grand jury, the police found no drugs or money on Taylor. Glover spoke to the Courier Journal about allegations that Taylor was involved in a drug ring in August. According to a spokesman for the Commonwealth Prosecutor’s Office, he was arrested shortly after the interview was published for failing to pay bail for various drug offenses.

“The police are trying to find out if it’s my fault and they’re going to get the whole community out of here to make it look like I took this to Breonna’s door,” Glover told the news agency. “There was never anything there or anything and at the end of the day they got it wrong and lied to that warrant and shot that girl out there,” he said.

The report contains excerpts from another prison visit where Glover told an unnamed woman in April that he believed the police had confiscated his car and removed a bank statement.

“You got that bank statement from the armrest, boom, that’s Bre’s address,” said Glover. “You can see that Bre got this new car (…) She lives off her job, but she doesn’t live on anything else.”

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