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Introverted against extroverts: what they mean and why it matters

  Are you introverted or extroverted?

An understanding of extroversion and introversion may be helpful in navigating a variety of relationships.

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Whether you prefer the Myers Briggs type indicator, the Enneagram, the DISC profile, or any of the dozens of other personality assessments, it's no secret to learn more about your personality. Personality testing can help you become more self-confident and better at managing important relationships in your life.

One factor that is central to many personality tests is whether you are introverted or extroverted. You may be prone to where you are in the spectrum (depending on how open-minded or shy you are), but how can you be certain?

It turns out that the question is extroverted to introverted rather complex – it's about the way more than if you are considered quieter or more talkative. And because understanding introversion and extroversion can help you better understand yourself and others, it gives you a deeper insight into how you can identify who you are and why it matters.

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What is the difference between an extrovert and an introvert?

"When I think about the words introverted and extroverted, I think about the ways in which people deal with themselves and the world around them," said Chelsea Connors, MS, NCC, LPC-A , certified coach and therapist. She added that the biggest difference between the two is how everyone likes to spend their time.

You might be introverted when:

  • You like spending time alone
  • You prefer a good time with one or two people spending time with larger groups of friends.
  • You need time to rest and recharge after a hard day's work or a busy time

You may be extroverted if:

  • you prefer to spend your time with other people and not alone be.
  • They like crowds, parties and other gatherings with many new people.
  • They need good time with others to help you charge
  • They are outgoing, talkative and happy to be in the spotlight

"As a rule, introverts enjoy more time for themselves, being more aware of their inner thoughts and recharge more energy in loneliness, extroverts can only do the opposite side? Ext. Extroverts are often more open, open-minded and love to be with other people, that's what really fills them in, "said Connors.

You You can also think about how you feel after making contacts to find out if you're more introverted or extroverted. "A crowd and the connection to more people, while introverts feel exhausted by the same experience," said Connors. [19659022] Now running:
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Can knowing if others are introverted or extroverted can help your relationships?

So now you know if you're personally introverted or extroverted – what about the other people in your life? Finding out whether your friends, family and co-workers are introverted or extroverted can help your relationships, Connors said.

"Consciousness and information are the key to meaningful change and powerful decisions – this applies to relationships of all kinds. When we feel that we understand better where someone else is from or how he experiences the world, It can be easier to empathize, identify and communicate effectively, "said Connors.

And this advice is not just for your romantic friends, partners or family members. Understanding whether someone has a more introverted or extrovert personality can also be helpful for professional relationships. Connors explained that developing an understanding of employees and their personality is helpful, for example, to give and receive feedback, to create a better work environment, and to meet challenges.

Can you be both introverted and extroverted?

No fan of strict labels? You do not just have to identify yourself as introverted or extroverted – there is a spectrum. "There's so much middle ground here, too, where we now see people who describe themselves as introverted-extroverts, it's alright to be in the middle of here and not feel like falling into a particular category," said Connors.

For example, if you're extroverted-introverted, you may feel mostly introverted, but you do not always prefer to be alone or in small groups, and you can feel energized when you're at the right time for the right one Amount.

How a Better Understanding of Introversion and Extroversion Can Improve Your Life

Even though everyone is different, it can be helpful to understand the differences between introverted and extroverted tendencies when it comes to improving one's self and others around you understand. "I believe that the more information we have about ourselves, what makes us tick, and how we can take care of ourselves, the better the quality of life and overall happiness," Conners said.

And more self-confidence can help when things are not feeling good and they are not doing so well in your life. "If we know our tendencies, we can find a better balance when we feel off-center," Connors said. The same is true when conflicts occur in your relationships.

"If you know that your best friend is more introverted, you may not be shocked if she declines your offer to go to a noisy, crowded bar over the weekend, and instead opt for a movie and wine night at home with you, "said Connors. With this knowledge, you can avoid taking the refusal personally because you know it's not about you, but rather what this friend needs to make you feel the best you can.

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