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iOS 12 has a trackpad feature for easier text editing


The new trackpad in iOS 12 could help you to edit your lyrics.


We all passed the test of typing one word to put the cursor in the perfect spot to correct a typo.

This process almost never works.

With the addition of 3D Touch starting with the iPhone 6S ($ 385 at Amazon.com) users could press on the keyboard to enable a trackpad-like feature. When you press, you can move the cursor with some accuracy and ease. iPad ($ 346 on Amazon Marketplace) Users currently have the option to place two fingers on the keyboard and then drag to move the cursor.

Access to a hidden trackpad could be easier. With iOS 1

2, you can do just that.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

To use the iOS 12 trackpad feature, long-press the spacebar until the keys disappear, then drag your finger across the screen to move the cursor. You do not have to press too hard, just put one finger on the spacebar and leave it there.

It's important to remember that iOS 12 is currently in beta, and some features like this one may be left out before it's officially released. If this happens, we will definitely update this post.

Look at this:

The public beta version of iOS 12 is now available: you can do that …


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