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iOS 12 is now open to public beta testers, here's how to install it on your iPhone now «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Hours after iOS 11.4.1 Beta 4 was released on Monday, June 25, Apple's public beta software program's website was not available due to an "update." Sure enough, that meant the public beta for iOS 12 was being prepared to drop just after what exactly happened. In other words, you can now install iOS 12 on your iPhone without a developer account!

There are a lot of issues in the beta version of iOS 12, and that's to be expected. After all, it's a beta software that does not suggest how smoothly iOS 12 will run once its release is stable in September. Features can also come and go, and third-party apps can not play well with this beta software. Keep this in mind when upgrading your iPhone to iOS 1


Step 1: Archive an iOS 11 Backup

If you want to do this on your primary device, be sure to make a backup if you want to leave the beta program and return to iOS 11. Without backing up your current iOS 11 system, you will not be able to downgrade if iOS 12 on your device is not working properly.

For example, if your favorite app does not work well with iOS 12, you should downgrade it until it works Make sure you're backing up an iOS 11 backup!

You can perform a regular backup on either iCloud or iTunes, but you can only create an archived backup using iTunes. An archived backup prevents the risk of overwriting anything the next time you back up your iPhone with iOS 12 installed.

After backing up with iTunes, select "iTunes" in the menu bar, then "Preferences" and click on "Devices" tab. Right-click on your backup in the list and select "Archive" to it to protect. If you now back up your iPhone with iOS 12, this backup will be saved separately so that your archived iOS 11 backup can be unaffected and restored should something happen.

This is only useful as long as Apple signs iOS 11, and it's not expected that they will sign it until October 2018, at least a couple of weeks after iOS 12 signing on all devices, not just public beta testers. If you want to downgrade after this period, you need to have your SHSH2 blobs saved to make iTunes restore an older version.

Step 2: Install iOS 12 Public Beta

Before You Begin Testing iOS 12 on your iPhone requires you to sign up for the Apple Beta software program. If you were previously in the beta version of iOS 11, you do not have to sign in again, but you may need to complete this process to upgrade to the beta version of iOS 12 … You will not receive an OTA update from iOS 11.4. 1 Beta 4 to iOS 12 Public Beta 1.

  1. Create an archived backup if you have not already done so.
  2. Visit beta.apple.com on your iPhone.
  3. Tap "Sign up" button. If you are already a beta user, select Sign In.
  4. Log in with your Apple ID and password.
  5. Read and accept the Apple Beta Software Program.
  1. Submit your device at beta.apple.com/profile
  2. Tap the Download Profile button.
  3. Tap "Allow" when prompted to view the configuration profile.
  1. Tap "Install" when viewing the iOS 12 beta software profile becomes.
  2. Enter your access code. Tap again on "Install" in the form Consent followed by "Install" again.
  1. Restart your iPhone.
  2. Go Settings -> General -> Software Update
  3. Complete downloading and installing the beta version of iOS 12 just like any other update.

Welcome to the beta version of iOS 12! To see what you can do with your new system, take a look at our collection of cool iOS 12 features. Let us know in the comments below all the bugs and glitches that can occur. And if they become too much for you, you can always backdate to iOS 11.4.

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Cover Picture and Screenshots by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

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