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iOS 12: Siri Shortcuts, FaceTime Group and & # 39; Memoji & # 39; Animoji of you

Yesterday, Apple unveiled iOS 12 at its annual WWDC conference . This is the software that will define the experience of the new iPhones 2018 and will also update current iPhones and iPads when it comes to the devices at the end of 2018 (probably in September). Developers today can download the preview software

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Apple's Memoji (an Animoji you make yourself) takes Samsung AR Emoji.


Rumors have it that Apple would save a major iOS redesign – a redesigned look, Siri, and a revised photos app – for a later version of the software, with emphasis on stability and digital balance with a few eye-catching additions here and there .

The most shocking thing for me is Memoji which is an animoji (animated emoji) that you can create yourself. Samsung beat Apple with AR Emoji in its Galaxy S9 phones but they were shockingly bad. Apple has a chance to re-popularize a peripheral feature that a competitor could not.

Apple's first indication that we should mitigate our iOS 12 expectations was:

"With iOS 12, we're doubling performance," said Apple's senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi on stage at the keynote. iOS 12 will come on all the same devices as iOS 11.


Watch this:

Apple Unveils Memoji for iOS 12


Apple says it focuses on the oldest devices, such as the iPhone 6 Plus ($ 399.00 at Amazon.com) . For example, apps start up to 40 percent faster, and you can take a photo up to 70 percent faster than iOS 11.

But that does not mean that this will be a ho-hum release, and remember – Apple loves storing iOS surprises for its developer preview and for the iPhone version. Expect to see a few more exciting iOS 12 features coming to 2018 iPhones.

iMessage: Make an Animoji (& # 39; Memoji & # 39;) of yourself

Memoji : In the shot of the Galaxy S9's AR Emoji you can join iOS 12 make an animoji of yourself 3D camera. To feel your memoji like you, there are customization options for skin tone, hairstyles, facial features (like freckles) and accessories like sunglasses.


Memoji offers many opportunities for Selection

Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt / CNET

New Animoji : Apple adds a koala, a ghost, a tiger … and a T. rex.

Longer Animoji Videos : Apple extended the cut-off length of Animoji Video from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

Stick Your Tongue Out : It's pretty self-explanatory, but now, when you stick out your tongue, so does your animoji. Finally Amirite?

New Effects in News Camera : You'll see filters similar to Snapchat, stickers from your favorite stickers, and the ability to put your custom memoji into chat.

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Look at this:

Customize your Siri with shortcuts


Siri Shortcuts Dig Deeply into Your Everyday Life

Siri's new Shortcuts app was created to provide the information and services that Apple needs during your day. For example, when you go to a movie, a Siri link may remind you to turn off the ringtone. You will be asked to call your mother on her birthday and tell your meeting organizer that you are (again) late.

And if you do the same thing every day, Siri will identify the repeating behavior on your next plan and offer actions that will help you. So, "Order my coffee" can give up your usual order. Or you can see a button on your lock screen that offers this to you.

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You can create a voice prompt, also called a shortcut, to do something to Siri. "Find My Keys," "http://www.cnet.com/," "Order My Purchases," and "Playtime" are examples of what you can program Siri for. In addition to the shortcuts you can create yourself, hundreds of files are downloaded.

A new shortcuts app has a shortcuts editor that lets you set up your own quick commands. You can make links as detailed or numerous as you like. They are run by iPhone, iPad, HomePod ($ 349.00 at Walmart) and Apple Watch ($ 418.00 at Sam's Club) .

FaceTime with 32 of your closest friends

Group FaceTime lets up to 32 people jump simultaneously to a conference call – audio, video or both. You can switch from a group chat to a FaceTime group. You see tiles of your friends and a list where you can see all the people in the chat.

When someone speaks, their tile is automatically enlarged, or you can double-tap to bring someone in the middle. FaceTime camera also receives animoji and sticker packs.


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Look at this:

Now you can group FaceTime with several friends


Do not disturb and screentime aim to curb your phone dependence

Please do not disturb during bedtime : Your device will not show you all the talkative messages you be kept up. In the morning, you can tap to receive these notifications. This is a new mode in the Control Center that you can set up.

Screentime: Weekly reports show you how often you use your device, day and night, and how much time you spend with cards. The app gets very detailed: how many notifications from each app, how many per hour and so on.


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Limit your screen time with iOS 12


App Limitations : You can set a limit on apps and get notified that you have used an app for too long (you set the limit). You can grant yourself an extension, but they will remind you to move on later. Set it up for you or your children. You can create permissions including downtime. You can restrict your children in individual apps such as movies and games.

Close alerts in bulk

You can send notifications from specific apps or simply disable them for specific apps. Notifications are now grouped by app, topic, or thread – and you can wipe out old notifications in a group.


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Apple updates photos with new search and sharing features


Better search in photos

Search : You can now search for multiple search terms, people and scenes.

The For You tab : Here are reminders for re-visits, suggestions for sharing photos with your key people, and suggestions for applying a loop to this photo. Share photos at full resolution from your iCloud photo library. When a friend receives it, iOS 12 searches its library (assuming they also have an iPhone or iPad) in return for suggesting pictures that they can share with you.

AR becomes large

  measure-app-ios "height =" 0 "width =" 370 "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/UtMXvuLj-kPB01-WG -iE4rhEYRk = / 370x0 / 2018/06/04 / e3bf9ee0-c08d-4d7e-9776-b6109d1a9c82 / measure-app-ios.jpg

The new Measure app for iOS 12. [19659005] Screenshot of Jessica Dolcourt / CNET

Augmented reality is a highlight in iOS 12, where multiple people can interact on their own devices in real time in the same AR environment.

Measure app : A new app that uses the phone's camera to accurately measure objects in reality. This is important to place objects in AR apps, such as a new desk that you want to check out.

3D Graphics : Apple wants you to drop any 3D object like a toy, a lamp or a character into the "real world". To make it easier and quicker for app developers, Apple has developed a new file format called USDZ, developed in collaboration with Pixar.

ARKit 2.0 : The second release of Apple's AR software toolbox for developers revolves around enabling multiuser experiences in VR. This means playing games or building Lego with friends, even sharing a virtual document. ARKit 2.0 also improves facial recognition. Legos app lets up to four people dive into the AR experience at the same time.

These apps are being updated

News : This app receives a personalized feed of stories from trusted sources. The top stories are selected by the Apple editorial staff. A new browser tab will show you new channels and topics. It's easier to jump to favorites, and a new sidebar will allow you to immerse yourself in other topics.

Stocks : New charts show stock performance throughout the day. Apple News comes in the stock app, as well as top stories and business news that will be curated by Apple Editorial. After-hours courses are also added. Touch the headline to get the full article without leaving the app. Stocks comes in iOS 12 on the iPad.

Voice Memos: Recordings are synced on all iOS 12 devices.


Watch this:

Apple is showing new Measure AR app


Books : Previously iBooks, Books has a new business. Reading Now provides a preview that lets you pick up where you left off.

CarPlay : It now supports third-party traffic apps – woohoo!

What else?

There are no doubt dozens of minor updates that Apple has not announced on stage, including:

  • Find passwords in Siri
  • Exchange passwords on iOS 12 devices
  • Better Portrait Lighting
  • More information to the battery
  • Importing RAW photos from your computer or camera
  • Sign up for important notifications, such as: B. by your doctor
  • QR code reader indicates when the QR code is read
  • iPad swipe gestures correspond to iPhone X gestures

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What we did not get today

  • A redesigned home screen in iOS 12
  • VR: CNET reported for the first time that Apple is working on a standalone VR headset for 2020 works with an 8K resolution for each eye, but we have not seen much in that direction
  • Hardware like the iPhone SE 2 or AirPower Wireless Charging Pad We've been waiting so breathlessly ,

Jason Parker has contributed to this story.

Originally posted on June 2, 2018.
Update, June 5 at 7:49 pm PT : Latest update after Apple's WWDC keynote

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