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iOS 13 – Faster iPhone App Search «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Your iPhone is full of search bars. Messages, Notes, Photos, Reminders … With these apps and more, you can search for specific items to speed things up. However, the fastest way to search in iOS may not be in the input.

When you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13, almost every search bar in both the OS and Standard app has a dictation icon (also called a microphone). Tap it, and iOS instantly starts dictation so you can start searching right away. In the past, this option was only available for the keyboard, so additional tapping was required to achieve the option. Now it is so much faster. If you are using the dictation for the first time, tap "Enable dictation" after tapping the icon to continue to areas where it is missing. Safari's search bar does not include a dictation icon and is not displayed in most third-party apps. Where it's not shown, you'll just have to rely on the dictation icon on the keyboard for your voice-directed searches] Cover image, screenshots, and GIF by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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