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iOS Security 101: Keeping Private Messages on Your iPhone Lock Screen Just for Your Eyes «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

If you leave your iPhone on a table or anywhere near another person, a private message may appear on your lock screen that can be read by anyone who sees it. But there is a way to prevent others from reading your potentially sensitive text messages and emails without giving up the convenience of lock screen notifications altogether.

By default, you always receive notifications from Mail, Outlook, Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Most other email clients and messenger apps will preview the message on your lock screen when you receive it. You can completely disable notifications for these apps on the lock screen, but then you will not see them when they come in, nor can you respond quickly.

A better option is to let them get ahead, but just let them actually read you. To do this, disable the preview on the lock screen for all apps or only for specific apps. Then you can use the Touch ID or Face ID to unlock the lock screen so you can read and answer messages without completely unlocking your iPhone. The iPhone X and later models actually do this for all apps directly, but if you've used a backup, it probably still shows a preview of everything.

This also makes more sense as some apps B. Messages, like Facebook Messenger, do not require biometric authentication to perform some actions, like sending a "thumbs up" as an answer.

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Step 1
: Uncheck & # 39; Finger rest to open & # 39;

If you have an iPhone X, X S X S Max, or X R You can jump to Skip step 2, as this only applies to iPhones with a Touch ID.

Apple has implemented a new lock screen on iOS 10 that allows you to either press the Touch ID button or simply place your finger on it to unlock your iPhone. Both methods scan your registered Touch ID fingerprint, but resting was much faster than pushing. Now they are both as fast as the others, but only one will allow you to reveal hidden messages on your lock screen.

Go into your Settings app and then go to "General", followed by "Accessibility". Scroll down and tap on "Home Button" under Interaction then make sure "Unlock Finger" is off.

Step 2: Preview for Disable apps

You can disable the preview for all apps on your iPhone, a feature that Apple was recently introduced in iOS 11. This means, however, that every single notification says something generic like "notification" when it appears.

If you do not care about people seeing new articles from the News app It's Words with Friends's turn to just customize the problem apps. While you can disable the preview for specific Apple apps, such as mail and messages in iOS 10 and earlier, you can now disable the preview for each app on your iPhone as long as you're running iOS 11, iOS 12, or a later software update [19659002] First go to "Notifications" in Settings. At the top of the page you will see the option "Show previews". Tap it and then you can change "Always" to "When unlocked" to change all notifications at the same time.

But as I said, it does It is better to customize individual apps if you are only busy with emails and other messages. In the main "Notifications" menu, just tap the app you just want to keep on the lock screen for your eyes. On the next screen, select "Show preview" then "Unlock". Repeat for any other apps you'd like to keep private on your lock screen.

If you set the Show Previews preference to "Unlock" for all apps at the same time, your individual app settings will be overridden. "Always" will only be reset to selected apps displayed on the locked screen.

Step 3: View Your Hidden Lock Screen Messages

You have now set all your messaging apps thumbnail images to "When unlocked." Only, you can enjoy your newly found privacy when you receive a new notification from one of the apps, displays "notification" or "iMessage" or something similar instead of previewing the notification anyone can see.

The name of the app is still displayed. In most cases, the actual message is displayed, but the actual message will disappear until you either look at your iPhone to use the Face ID, or place your finger on the Touch ID button to unlock notifications on the lock screen, then you can use 3D Touch (or a left wipe followed by Use "View" to respond quickly when needed.

Not just new incoming messages will appear on your wallpaper hidden but unlocked only by your biometric authentication will display all the latest notifications that you see when you swipe up the lock screen. Any app you made just for your eyes is the same here.

There's no big drawback if you're not using an iPhone X X S X S Max, or X R where your face is veiled, such as snowboarding with a face mask and glasses. Gloves can also prevent the use of Touch ID, so you can always adjust your settings to the situation.

Cover Picture and Screenshots by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

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