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iPhone XR pre-orders start tonight, should you upgrade? – Check Geek

The iPhone XR will be preordered tonight, with full release next Friday. If you've been on the fence (and have not already ordered an XS), you may wonder if it's the phone for you. Let's dissect

First, the XR is the "budget" model of the current X series, but let's be honest: there's nothing that screams Budget over a phone (and starts at $ 750 ). This fivefold price will bring you a 64GB of storage, but if you want more, you can buy a 1

28GB model for $ 799 or 256 Geebees for $ 899. Yes, the most expensive XR is still cheaper than the cheapest XS. Heh.

And that's what makes this phone so attractive in the first place – it accounts for 97 percent of the XS experience for 75 percent of the cost. Dollar for dollar, the XR is the best buy in iPhones right now … for some people anyway.

For example, if you already have an iPhone X, there is no reason to think about switching to an XR – this is a lateral move at best and a waste of money in the worst case. Sure, the XR has a bigger display and comes in several colors, but is that enough reason to spend at least $ 750? We do not expect.

However, if you come from an older model – an iPhone 8 or less – then there are many good reasons to consider the XR. Sure, your 8 can still be a solid little phone (or maybe it's the plus and it's not that small) that continues to deliver the performance you need. But the X-Series iPhones are all about the experience. They are cleaner, smoother and generally just better. It's just a better experience, plain and simple.

The edge-to-edge display is beautiful (LCD vs. OLED debates are damned), gesture navigation is generally just great to use, and it just looks pretty good . Side by side, the XR makes the previous iPhone models just look good, outdated. I would be lying if I said that vanity does not sell phones because it certainly works.

Look, switching from an 8 to an XR is not something you need to do out of necessity – your iPhone 8 is perfect to service – you do something because you want . No amount of words I poke out on this keyboard will change your mind. If you want it, you can do it. I know that you will.

But if you're running an iPhone 7, 6S, 6, or older, man, it's time to seriously think about biting that bullet. You probably already thought about it, and I'm not blaming you. You might want the XS, but are reluctant to spend all those dollars on Apple's flagship. You are exactly the right one for the XR! Do you remember a moment when I said that it is the best blast for your money, now in the iPhone lineup? While this is true across the board, especially applies to someone who has come up with an upgrade to an old iPhone.

So, let's do that thing.

The Best Way to Preorder the iPhone XR

19659011] Here's a secret: If you want to pre-order a new XR quickly and easily, as soon as it's available, skip the Apple Web site. For pre-orders, the page is usually hit so hard that it is cumbersome and problematic.

For a better experience, use the Apple Store App. If all of your Apple account information is up-to-date, it takes about 30 seconds and a handful of fingerhaps to get through the process – it's about as painless as a pre-order can get, and unlike the site, anytime you can get filthy super cool new Apple product falls) The app is strong in our experience.

So, if you order a new phone tonight, the app is right where it is. Make sure your billing information is up to date, set an alert for 00:01 PT on your phone, and fire your order from the app itself to make sure you're in front of the virtual line.

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