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iPhone XS: 9 biggest annoyances and how to fix them

It's been over a year since Apple released the first iPhone [$ 1,000 on Amazon] without a launch button. We now have the iPhone X, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR, all of which rely on gesture navigation and face recognition to increase safety. Whether you've just upgraded from an older iPhone or switched from Android, you can easily get annoyed with your phone.

Whether facial recognition does not work if it should, or you're trying to figure out how to turn off your iPhone or take a screenshot, let's see how you can handle the annoyance of the phone.

Face detection seems to be slowing down [1
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Speed ​​up the unlock process by swiping up the screen.


Actually you might wait a little longer than necessary. If you tap or lift the iPhone or press the wake-up button on the side, a small padlock appears at the top of the screen. After your face is recognized, the lock opens – which takes a second or two – and you can pull yourself up and go to work.

But do you know what? You do not have to wait for the padlock to execute its little animated opening. In my experience, Face ID works faster than that, so you can swipe up almost immediately after turning on the screen. There may be a split second delay while the face ID is ending, um, identifying IDs, but this will definitely eliminate the "padlock break" (19659003).

The face ID can only work if you change your appearance

Changing your appearance or wearing sunglasses may affect the accuracy of Face ID.

Wearing a hat, changing your hairstyle, or changing your appearance can affect how easily Face ID recognizes you. It can be frustrating if Face ID suddenly denies sharing your phone and asks for your PIN code instead. But in fact that's a good thing . When Face ID asks for your PIN code and you enter it, your iPhone will learn and optimize how it identifies you. In other words, it gets smarter every time it fails, as long as you enter your access code when prompted.

However, if you routinely change your appearance and want Face ID to work, you can register that look with the Face ID as an alternate appearance. Open on your iPhone Settings > ID and passcode for the face > Set up an alternate appearance .

Face ID does not like sunglasses.

One of the security features of Face ID is that you do not want to unlock your phone if it does not recognize your eyes are open and looking at your phone. If you wear sunglasses and the True Depth camera system does not see your eyes, the phone will not unlock.

To work around this, you can disable the added security feature. Open Settings > Face ID & Passcode and move the switch next to to Attention to Face ID to to .

Remember that disabling this feature means that someone who has access to your phone can use your face to unlock, for example, when you are sleeping.

Face ID does not work when my phone is on a table 19659014] Probably the biggest face ID fail of all: you can not unlock your iPhone X ($ 631 on Amazon) if it lies flat on a table – not without wiping and then wait a few seconds for the passcode keyboard to appear. Otherwise, this leads to the inevitable Face ID frown, where you clumsily lean over the screen and frown to reduce the likelihood that Face ID will recognize you face-to-face.

If you spend most of your time at a desk, there's a pretty good solution to this problem that kills two birds with one stone: get a Qi charge. However, this is not a charging bag where the phone stays flat, but a stand. That way, you can position the phone to face your face, making it much easier to unlock.


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How Deep Can the iPhone XS and XR Go?


Notifications are hidden by default


Each iOS device with a face ID hides the contents of your lock screen notifications by default.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

A key part of the Face ID problem is that you can not see notifications at a glance – only when your face is detected. This is a security feature that is enabled by default, and some would say it's a smart one. It can also be incredibly annoying.

Fortunately, it's easy enough to switch. Just tap Settings> Notifications> Preview and then select Always . Keep in mind that your notifications will then be previewed even when your phone is locked.

I miss the home button!

  iphone-xs-max-home-button-assistive-search "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/MgfQQEBTvxtiapUG1VjBYmIkvbw=/2019/08/08/ 9fc24e49-4ff0-4745-a63b-eff724aab99f / iphone-xs-max-home-button-assistive-touch.jpg

AssistiveTouch returns a digital home button.

screenshots of Jason Cipriani / CNET

Could I interest you in a virtual replacement? iOS has long been offering this option in the form of AssistiveTouch, but users of iPhone X are very excited about it.

This feature adds an omnipresent soft-button to your screen that you can drag anywhere you want: off

Even better, you can perform different functions depending on whether you tap once, double-tap, long Press or perform 3D Touch. One of these features is a pop-up menu that gives you quick access to even more features (such as Control Center, SOS, and Screenshot).

To enable, tap Settings> General> Accessibility> AssistiveTouch then turn it on. To customize the above pop-up menu, tap Adjusting the Top Level Menu .

My thumb can not get close to the screen

It takes some practice, but the use of Reachability is easy To reach things at the top of the iPhone screen.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

This is actually a problem since the iPhone has plus sizes. For this reason, Apple has added the "reachability" function: Double-clicking the Home button would bring down the top of the screen and do even more

Of course, the iPhone X does not have a Home button, so the feature is gesture-controlled: they swipe down the bottom of the screen. If this feature is not enabled on your phone, tap Settings> General> Accessibility and enable the Accessibility On option.

I miss my headphone jack!

OK, so that's not an iPhone X-specific issue; It is also an iPhone 7 ($ 630 at Walmart) and iPhone 8 ($ 640 at Walmart) . But if you've skipped these two models and come from, for example, an iPhone 6 ($ 190 on eBay) the lack of jacks can be staggering. Fortunately, you do not have to give up your model favorite headphones; Apple used to ship a dongle to connect it to the Lightning port. And because the iPhone X can charge wirelessly, the dongle does not have to go at the expense of the store. You need to purchase Apple's Lightning 3.5mm dongle for $ 9 if you want to use this route.

Do you need space for this small adapter so it is always available? Look at this dongle key fob accessory. Normally, I would also recommend taking a few extra dongles if they are missing, but there are few MFi certified adapters in the current crop of clones, most of which have very poor ratings.

There are of course other options as well, including Bluetooth audio adapters, Lightning-compatible headphones, etc. Check out this Earphone Jack Alternatives (which focuses on the iPhone 7 but on everyone Case also applies here).

The old ways do not work anymore! [19659053] Would you like to take a screenshot? Put your phone back close app? Call Siri Yes, good luck if you do that on an iPhone X. Of course you can not do it the way you are used to it.

To quote every Jedi favorite, you must forget what you learned. Since there is no home button, certain functions have been reset and / or moved. Here's a quick introduction:

  • Turn off the phone: Press and hold or either the volume button and the standby button for about two seconds. The phone will vibrate and you will see a screen menu containing the old slide-to-switch slider. (You can also access Medical ID and Emergency SOS here.)
  • Reset the phone: Press the volume up key and then the volume down key. Then press and hold the wake-up button until the Apple logo appears. (Then release the button.) You have to do this all in pretty quick succession: press press hold .
  • Take a screenshot: Simultaneously press the volume and release it buttons.
  • Call Siri: Press and hold the Wake button for about two seconds.
  • Close the apps: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, but hold your finger in position for about two seconds. Now you can see all your open apps on a merry-go-round of "maps". Scroll left or right until you find the one you want to close and hold it for a second or two. You will see a red icon with a white stripe. Tap to close the app. (Repeat this with any other apps you may want to close.)

For complete gesture guide instructions for the iPhone, see in this post .

Originally released on December 20, 2017. [19659008 Updated on April 8, 2019: Updated with additional information.

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