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Just in Time for the Holidays, Google Presents New Smarthome Features

Google's Home ecosystem has received a lot of new home improvements, but it's about getting a lot better: Home devices are getting a bunch of new features.

The biggest draw among these will probably be new recommended recipes. If you're using a Smart Display, you can start learning which recipes you would like. Getting to those recipes will make it even easier: just swipe right on your Smart Display's home screen.

The recipes will be tailored by the day as well. For example, you'll see Thanksgiving staples like turkey, ham, and more leading up to the holiday. Starting Black Friday though, it should switch to recommending what to do with all the leftovers that are in your house.

The next great addition-especially if you have more than one Google home in your household-is enhancing the broadcast feature. Google Assistant speakers or displays on your Wi-Fi network (or if you're outside your home, you can also use Google Assistant to broadcast a message to everyone in the house), but this is a one-way conversation. Starting soon, this is the place to go. You are making a bunch of eggs for a recipe.

Smart Display owners want to be able to see and control what media is playing on TV through the house, as long as those TVs are assistant-compatible. That includes models from Roku, Panasonic, and LG, so if you have a newer set you should be covered.

Last but not least, Google is making it easier for your family to stick to routines. Google Clock app just like you can from the Assistant app. The routine can be set to tell about your commute, start your connected coffee maker, and put all your devices on do-not-disturb mode when it comes time to lie down. LEGO City, LEGO Life, LEGO Friends, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will tell you how to play jokes, play music, and even wake up in the morning.

Google did not give it a timeline on which they would come, but with thanksgiving next week, we'd hope some of them would be out soon. When these features get out of hand, they'll make it much easier!

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