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Let's talk about Pixel 4 – Review Geek

  Google Pixel 4

Yesterday, Google responded boldly to the recent Pixel 4 leaks by showing the phone . Soon speculations and theories surfaced everywhere – but we must take a step back and relax. It will be fine.

The first takes are always negative.

In the world of smartphones, this is an all-too-common topic: a rendering, a press leak or similar drop of images that gives the world the first glimpse of an upcoming device. Then the speculation starts and hot water comes out as if it were indeed. And most of the time they are hyperbolic and take a questionable design decision. Once the device is unlocked, the new, correct settings will appear: You know, that's not so bad!

I've seen it more often than I can count, and I'm not sure if it is so ever true than with pixel phones. For some reason, these are the phones that everyone likes to hate during the "leak season" but also loves when they're released. There will always be polarization takes when it comes to smartphone leaks, but even then, the pixel line is a mystery to the ability to land at the extreme ends of the spectrum – haunting the smallest details when the leaks show up and be loved for almost everything else after the release.

Of course there is a big difference to this new image: it's official. A Pixel 4 leak landed a few days ago, but instead of ignoring it, Google did something great and obsessed by sharing its own image from the back of Pixel 4. This was a particularly brave move by the company because the back of the phone is probably the most interesting and polarizing compared to older phone generations. It's a smart move because it made people talk.

And unlike earlier pixelellecks that were just that – Leaks – this official image is concrete. There is no uncertainty where the opinions of "Well, it's just a leak, so it may not be real." This is a double-edged sword, for now, the settings are hotter than ever. But just like in the past, most of the hatred is probably unjustified.

Dual cameras on a pixel could be startling

  The camera array of the Pixel 4
Junk in the trunk Google

Now that we have seen on the back of the phone and it is obvious to talk about this wild camera array. It is a square! And unlike other phones (or phone leaks) where a square array has three cameras, Pixel 4 has only two. Google always does its own thing – sometimes for the wrong reasons, but that's another story – and this interesting design choice is no different.

But here's the thing: that's cool. It's okay that it's a square – sure, I do not love it, but whatever – but the fact that it seems to have a pair of cameras and a third sensor has mesmerized me . Here is the reason.

Did you first see what Google can do with camera software? It's incredible. What pixel cameras can do with just one lens is unreal – so many phones with multiple cameras can not even compete with each other. If Google adds another camera and sensor device to Pixel 4, I can only imagine how great the footage will be. I've often thought about how great camera arrays with Google's software look on the OnePlus 7 Pro, and the Pixel 4 seems to be my first taste of it. I can not wait any longer.

Of course, we have no idea what this camera array is about – maybe the second shooter is a wide-angle lens? Maybe it's a telephoto lens? Maybe it is not and will be used for AR? At this point anyone can guess (which I admit is fun), but remember that everything you read about this setup is just that: a guess. Some are certainly more educated than others, but nothing is true until it is true.

This image indicates other killer features

If you look beyond the camera's rectangle, you will notice a distinct omission: there is no fingerprint sensor. So far, all Pixel phones have a fingerprint sensor on the back, but Pixel 4 seems to change that. This could point to several things: Google could switch to a built-in fingerprint sensor, the OnePlus 6T / 7 Pro. or it could bring Android version of Face ID. Or both! Any solution would require new hardware.

But if I were a betting man, I would tend to the latter. After some fairly convincing leaks, the front of the Pixel 4 skips the notch and returns to a bezel housing five "imaging units" that could be used for a variety of purposes. A face ID-like feature seems likely, but the word on the street is that the Pixel 4 could also have a radar chip for controlling the phone's motion through gestures. Google has been working on this for some time, called Project Soli. Of course, the inclusion at this point is just a rumor and should be treated as such.

In both cases, Android desperately needs a reliable facial authentication feature, so it makes a lot of sense for Google to include it on Pixel 4 (and Android Q). Let's hope that the missing fingerprint sensor suggests this.

But in reality it is too early to know.

All this means only one thing: Outside of the fact we still do not know anything about Pixel 4 On the back there are two reversing cameras and no fingerprint sensor. Both are the first for the pixel line. Apart from that, it's rumors, speculation and hearsay.

And as such, we should all step back and take a deep breath. The internet is full of guesswork – some well thought out and educated, some less good – and ultimately it's all about what you want to believe. But given the pixel's twisted history as one of the quietest phones on the planet and the absolute outrage that emanates from these leaks, I'm ready to wait and see what's going on – I feel like we're all Be pleasantly surprised what happens next.

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