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Like HBO offline on your iPhone for & # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39; Anytime Is Viewed «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

If you're a Game of Thrones fan and you'd like to see the latest season offline on your iPhone, or if you want to make up for earlier seasons, there is no support for HBO Go or HBO Now for episodes for offline viewing. But that's only halfway true, because there is a legal official way to download HBO content to your iPhone, which is not at all obvious.

Downloading movies and TV shows for offline viewing is always necessary if you want to watch TV, good internet connection, or without data wastage. Netflix enables downloads for specific content as well as Prime Video. Showtime also supports downloading movies and TV shows. It's nice to see that HBO is finally catching up, so to speak.

HBO has not yet updated any of its apps for iOS with download capabilities, but we hope that one day this will come soon. The only way to download Game of Thrones and other shows and films from HBO is to join Apple's iOS 1

2.3 beta program, either as a public tester or as a developer. Why? The download function is now available exclusively for Apple's new TV station service in the TV app. Unfortunately, this currently means no Android support.

Step 1: Update to iOS 12.3 Beta

Apple TV Channels is exclusive to iOS 12.3, which is unpredictable to the masses. If you'd like to download HBO shows and movies today, sign up for the iOS 12.3 beta program or the Developer Program. Fortunately, the beta version is available for all iPhone models running iOS 12. Downloading and setting up is easy. Please read the fine print carefully before signing up to avoid unnecessary data loss.

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Step 2: Sign up for HBO via Apple TV Channels

Once you have access to Apple TV Channels, you will notice that the registration for HBO is pretty easy. In fact, it may be the easiest way to register for HBO. You can find options to start your one-week free trial throughout the app. You'll probably see an option for it when you start scrolling, but if it does not, you can always tap the Find button at the bottom right, search for HBO, and then tap the HBO channel.

All you need to do is tap Try It Free. Once you do so, the purchase screen will be displayed, informing you that you will receive $ 14.99 at the end of the trial period for a monthly HBO subscription from that date. If you cancel in advance, you do not have to pay, but if you do not, you will need to pay HBO for at least one month using the card on your Apple account.

Step 3: Find a Show or a Movie to Download

After signing up, you can download all of HBO's content. You can search the HBO channel to find a song you want to save, or, if you have certain ideas, to use the Search tab.

When you find your song, tap it. Movies have a download option, which is displayed immediately. However, TV shows are grouped by seasons, with each episode containing its own download button. You can tap the season's name to see other available seasons, or swipe through the episodes as shown on the screen.

Step 4: Downloading your song

When you select a movie or TV show, tap the Download icon. As soon as you do this, the icon changes to a progress wheel. Movies say Download, while episodes show the progress wheel.

You'll know your title was completely downloaded when you see an iPhone icon with a check mark in front of the download button. Movies make this a bit more flashy with a huge "Downloaded" tag next to the icon.

Step 5: Play your downloaded titles ab

Playing one of these downloaded tracks is as easy as streaming. Of course you can play the song immediately after downloading it. However, this is not helpful if you want to view content offline. This is where your "library" comes into play.

Tap the Library tab in the bottom navigation bar. Find movies and TV shows you've purchased through the iTunes Store, as well as songs you've downloaded through Apple TV Channels. To access these downloaded songs, tap Downloaded. Next, find your song from the Downloaded list. TV shows are grouped by series. Tap the series you want, then search for your episode on the following page. Each title indicates its expiration time, which for HBO is 48 hours after the first replay.

Step 6: Managing Your Downloads

Apple may have scrapped 16GB iPhones, but space is still a problem on iOS. Even if HBO deletes displayed titles automatically after 48 hours, you can manually delete titles at any time. In this list, "Downloaded", tap "Edit," and then tap the songs you want to delete. At the top right, tap on "Delete" and then on the red confirmation button "Delete".

Alternatively, you can delete titles, episodes, and even entire TV series by swiping the left mouse button over them. If you do not swipe fast enough, tap the "Delete" button. In any case, touch the "Delete Download" confirmation to complete the process.

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