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Live Updates on 2020 Elections: Trump vs. Biden

Recognition…Jason Decrow / Associated Press

Former President Barack Obama and California Senator Kamala Harris offered their prayers to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on Friday night, clashing with the timing of an email appeal from the Trump campaign.

The subject line: “Lyin ‘Obama.”

“Lyin ‘Obama and Phony Kamala Harris are calling on their liberal MEGA-DONORS to save Joe Biden’s failed campaign,” the message reads. “You are running a fundraiser for COASTAL ELITE NOW.”

Minutes earlier, Mr. Obama and Mrs. Harris, the Democratic nominee for Vice President, opened their virtual fundraiser by wishing the President and his wife a speedy recovery. The former president urged all Americans to hope for the president’s recovery even in the middle of a controversial campaign.

The combative tone of the email came hours after the Biden campaign stopped broadcasting all negative ads against the president, though some that were already circulating may take some time to stop airing.

The Trump campaign has not announced any plans to stop its reports of attacks against the Democratic candidate.

Speaking to observers during the online fundraiser for former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Obama said, “Even when we are in the midst of major political battles on issues with high stakes, we are all Americans and we are all human , and we want to make sure everyone is healthy. Michelle and I want to make sure we recognize the President and First Lady at this difficult time. “

Recognition…Pete Kiehart for the New York Times

Ms. Harris offered her “deepest prayers,” adding, “Let us all remember that we must remain vigilant and take care of ourselves and one another.”

The two officials, which included actor Michael B. Jordan, also tried to dispel concerns and dispel misinformation about votes, especially mailing ballots. Mr Trump has spent weeks running a disinformation campaign about the integrity of the American electoral system.

All three said they wanted to put their ballots in the mail.

“I’ll fill it out at my kitchen table and I’ll go to the Dropbox and drop it off as early as possible,” said Ms. Harris, who added that she had the date that her ballot should be requested was on her calendar .

Mr Obama, who forged the name of his polling station in Hyde Park, Illinois, said he has been putting in postal ballots since winning the presidency, in part to avoid the crowds that slow the lines down when he shows up.

“If I vote in person there is a price,” he said. “It slows down a lot of people.”

Recognition…Anna Moneymaker for the New York Times

Since March, some aides to President Trump had been whispering that there might be a day when the president tested positive for the coronavirus. But it wasn’t a possibility anyone had planned.

When the day came early Friday morning, the presidential campaign was turned upside down and unanswered questions remained.

Mr Trump is currently at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., Where officials said he will be monitored for “a few days” “as a precaution.”

However, one official said that if his symptoms worsened – and that he went to Marine One, the presidential helicopter, that he went to Marine One, the presidential helicopter, it would be preferable to let Mr. Trump exit the White House alone, rather than having assistance removed – he went to Marine One brought to the hospital. allowed him to be seen by reporters on an outpatient basis after a day when the ubiquitous president was silent.

What happens next is everyone’s guess. Trump advisors hope he can recover quickly and show what is known as “determination” in the face of a virus that has caused a pandemic.

However, the second debate between Trump and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is slated for October 15, a relatively short time in the life of the coronavirus recovery.

The reversal of luck, with Mr Biden on the campaign trail and the president who mocked his opponent out of sight, has weighed heavily on the Trump campaign for the time being.

Recognition…Pete Marovich for the New York Times

President Trump’s bombing announcement early Friday morning that he and the First Lady tested positive for the coronavirus sparked a frenzy in the White House and beyond as politicians and activists who have interacted with Mr. Trump in the past few days Have fought for their own tests and in some cases report the results.

Here’s a quick look at the people in Mr. Trump’s orbit and beyond who spoke publicly about their health and the virus on Thursday and Friday. This is evident from official statements, social media announcements, and speakers.

It can take several days after exposure for the virus to reach levels that can be detected by testing. People show symptoms an average of about five days after exposure, but only 14 days.

  • Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State

  • Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary

  • William P. Barr, the attorney general

  • Mark Meadows, the White House Chief of Staff

  • Dan Scavino, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff

  • Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor

  • Ivanka Trump, Mr. Trump’s daughter

  • Donald Trump Jr., Mr. Trump’s son

  • Barron Trump, Mr. Trump’s son

  • Eric Trump, Mr. Trump’s son

  • Lara Trump, Eric Trump’s wife

  • Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee

  • Betsy DeVos, the education secretary

Recognition…Doug Mills / The New York Times

Two Republican senators on the central judiciary committee tested positive for the coronavirus after attending White House events last week and announcing President Trump’s Supreme Court candidate, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, about the future of their hearings confirming the Colonel Court of Justice to question.

Senators Thom Tillis, Republican of North Carolina and Mike Lee, Republican of Utah, who both announced their test results on Friday, are among several people who have tested positive since attending events last Saturday.

Others are Bill Stepien, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager; Melania Trump, the first lady; John I. Jenkins, President of Notre Dame University; and Kellyanne Conway, the former top White House adviser who left her post this summer. Ms. Conway announced her positive result in a Twitter post late Friday night.

The September 26 rose garden ceremony for Judge Barrett most likely was not a “super-spreader” event because it was held outdoors. However, many top Republicans attended without masks or social distancing, and raised concerns that others may have contracted the virus but had not yet been diagnosed. And someone who was infected and had no symptoms could have spread the virus to others during the discussions indoors at the White House.

Republican leaders said they planned to “go full steam ahead” to confirm Judge Barrett ahead of election day. But Mr Trump’s illness and the fact that Senator Tillis and Senator Lee sit on the Judiciary Committee have raised questions about whether the party’s extraordinarily ambitious schedule could hold.

Mr Tillis’s diagnosis also dealt a blow to Republicans’ hopes of maintaining control of the Senate as he faced a difficult re-election campaign.

Top Senate Democrats on Friday called for Republicans to slow down their plans to confirm Judge Barrett, saying if Republicans proceeded to hearings without understanding the full extent of the virus’ spread since the September 26 events, it would to an “already illegitimate trial” a dangerous one. “

New York Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, responded to Senator Tillis’ Friday night announcement that he had “no symptoms” but would be home isolating for 10 days and urged Republicans to postpone the hearings for confirmation .

“We now have two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who have tested positive for Covid, and there can be more. I wish my colleagues all the best, ”said Mr Schumer. “It is irresponsible and dangerous to hold a hearing and there is absolutely no good reason for it.”

The affirmation of a sixth conservative judiciary in court would be the culmination of a decade-long conservative project led by Majority Leader, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.

Recognition…Doug Mills / The New York Times

Judge Barrett, 48, tested negative on Friday, a White House official said. Two officials with knowledge of her medical history said she already had the coronavirus and recovered earlier this year.

Judge Barrett was in close contact with Mr. Trump at the White House last weekend. She also worked closely with several White House officials and met dozen of Republican Senators on Capitol Hill, including Senator McConnell and Senator Lee.

A video posted on Twitter showed Senator Lee hugging people at the event. He said he tested negative at the White House on Saturday.

It can take several days for someone who has been exposed to the virus to develop symptoms or test positive. Anyone tested within a day or two of exposure will likely get a negative result, even if they are infected.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said Friday that his panel would begin four days of public hearings on October 12, as planned, on Judge Barrett’s appointment. Senator Tillis and Senator Lee said they would isolate themselves for 10 days, which would allow them to show up in time for the hearings.

In an interview on Friday, Senator McConnell suggested that the spread of the virus in Republican circles could mean more lawmakers would attend the hearings virtually. “That kind of underscores the need to do that,” he said.

However, the Democrats said that virtual hearings on such a follow-up question would not be acceptable.

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