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Lowe's Unleashes Its Magic Leap One App in Time for the Holiday Shopping Season «Magic Leap :: Next Reality

On Monday, with Lowe's dropped a surprise augmented reality treat in everyone's lap: A brand new Magic Leap One app.

The Lowe's Showroom app popped up in the air Magic Leap World section on the Magic Leap One as a free download.

The download is fairly quick, but that's when things get a bit tricky. Although it's great to see … Lowe's Unleashes It's Magic Leap's App in Time for the Year.

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

Opening the app is a fun, with a Lowe's logo floating in front of you the floor, directing your attention to a lowe's welcome mat that is prompted to place somewhere in your space.

Once the welcome mat is placed, at AR menu pops up that shows you a 3D piece (Lowe's has learned a lot in the past few years, and this subtle direction of the user's attention in immersive space

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

Then, when you land on an item like, you can select and transform it into a life-sized version of the item.

Overall, the app is simple and makes shopping fun, which is in keeping with Lowe's past for the immersive computing platforms of both VR and AR.

However, in this case, using the Lowe's Magic Leap app is a little more than it's worth at this point. First off, tracking everything over the place. Even after re-mapping my space several times, the app should continue to loose track.

Similarly, the virtual wooden pallet used for positioning is generally hard to control

Image by Adario Strange / Next Reality

Speaking of shopping, I was unable to discover any ability to use the app to actually buy anything from the Lowe's website. If this is an available feature, it's pretty well obscured. I Leap One, and there's no way to get it back. Magic Leap World menu without restarting the device. (Granted, these are all beta apps on a developer-centric device, but an exit button seems like a fair request.)

As such, this appears to be an app that functions primarily as a showroom, crafted to show you what the store has available, at what prices, and what those items might look like in your home. In this respect, the app "almost" does a fantastic job, but I can not ignore the bugginess of the experience.

Bugs aside, this is an encouraging look at the power of the magic leap Do not Miss: NR30: Next Reality's 30th People to Watch in Augmented Reality in 2018

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