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Magic Leap CEO Tweetstorm tries to reinterpret the reactions to the latest demo for signs of disappointment «Magic Leap :: Next Reality

The CEO of Magic Leap, Rony Abovitz, often does not do Twitterstorms, but when he does, these tweets are brave, extremely self-confident, and there's usually a strong snack on what the business does or does not do. But on Thursday, Abovitz's latest Tweetstorm sent an unusually nervous message: We promise the magic we tell you about it better than anything you've seen on video.

"For the developer / developer community: we use video to Any video or 2D media (photos) is totally inappropriate to deliver the experience of a digital light field on ML1," Abovitz began, in a seeming allusion on the video demonstration unveiled on Wednesday. This demo, which was presented with far fewer fanfares than some of the other presentations by Magic Leap, gave Twitch viewers one of the company's developer lessons with an experience called "Dodge."

For those familiar with various augmented and virtual reality systems, the short video samples were nothing short of an obvious less than optimal view of the Magic Leap experience. If you've worked with enough immersive systems, you know that you can not really experience the true quality of an experience unless you've tried it directly on a device.

But for some others the demo was (1

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Magic Leap / Twitch

" I've long been suspicious that the reason why Magic Leap is so secretive in terms of its technology is that it's not nearly that is what they promised in their concept videos. This seems to confirm it, "wrote leading Apple analyst John Gruber after the video demo." I'm going to kneel and prophesy that this puff piece from Wired in December – "It's time for a magical Jump seriously "- will not age well."

Youch: Gruber's attitude was not only so uncompromisingly negative, but also the fact that Abovitz worked hard to (subtle) the image of Magic Leap in the tradition of Apple created: full of mystery, trust – we are – better as the media stays in the dark about their next steps.

So when one of Apple's most recognizable and trusted commentators on Magic Leap reacts so negatively, an Apple fan like Abovitz takes This was revealed in the uncharacteristic tweets that pour out of the account of the Magic Leap founder early Thursday morning.

"We spend our time and R & D Tu With our digital lightfield signal with the eye-brain system, not with electronic camera sensors development, we have given over 10,000 live demos. And we will create as many opportunities for hands-on experience as possible after the launch " wrote Abovitz on Twitter." Video capture can not distinguish between phone AR, VR, MR – relevant differentiating information is lost. That is, a direct digital light field signal that allows your eye-brain system to do its thing, that's where all the magic takes place. "

And then it becomes clear that Magic Leap is trying to explain itself to skeptics by saying again that you literally have to "see it to believe it."

"Reality has an amazing sense of presence and space – that is the result of incredibly complex interactions with the analog light field signal of the world and yours Brain, "wrote Abovitz," Our work at Magic Leap has been to approximate this experience with a digital signal designed to match every interaction we all have on a daily basis. "

Rony Abovitz, founder and CEO of Magic Leap. Image of Fortune Brainstorm TECH / flickr

And while I, wi Many observers who have not tried the device directly, tired of all the mysteries and promises of Magic Leap, know me well How difficult it is to convey the effect of some of these new immersive experiences.

In recent years, I have written extensively on virtual reality, and no matter how well I describe a particular experience, nothing is comparable to observing the wonder and excitement on a person's face after they actually slid on a VR headset are and lived in a virtual world for a few minutes. So where does Abovitz come from? He makes a great point. For immersive experiences, what you see on video is not necessarily an indication of the full experience you have when you're actually strapping on a VR or AR device.

"An actual ML1 experience basically needs you, does not work well without you, and is designed to reveal its technical magic with you and you – anyone who already had an ML experience on a shipping grade unit And, hopefully, any curious or interested person will soon have the opportunity to try it for themselves. "wrote Abovitz

" You could never watch TV on the radio (but you could try to explain the theory of television to those who are interested in television). Most people have just seen it the first time they saw it, and the same goes for Magic Leap, and we at Magic Leap believe that it's important to have lessons (basic and advanced) and features and cool new tools to video artists through video to mediate – that may be useful now and even more after the ship. "

Abovitz & # 39; analogy" TV on Radio "is due

Nevertheless, after so much hype the expectations are incredibly high. It is expected that even video demos will be astonished. That's the burden of selling Magic Leap so convincingly as something new – people expect big things.

The biggest difference between the mystery of Apple and the mystery of Magic Leap is this: Apple has spewed our socks off in the past. With Apple, we are somewhat more tolerant when it comes to the secrecy and the dramatic flourishes of decades of PC and smartphone manufacturer. But this is the first product from Magic Leap. And you only have one chance to make a first impression. Now is the time to stop the landing.

When Abovitz worried about the patience of the public with Magic Leaps Mystery Show, which was the expiration date, he now has an answer: July 11, 2018. It's time to show the merchandise – right in the hands of the People, not on video. Luckily, for both Magic Leap and keen observers, it seems the time has come, as yesterday's "late summer" commentary indicates that the Magic Leap One will hit the market in a matter of weeks.

Image of Magic Leap / Twitch

In marketing, timing is everything. And now it looks as if Magic Leap will launch just in time to survive the last weakening of its long-held hype. What Abovitz Tweet Storm is telling us is that he also wants to clear this first date out.

But now is not the time to bow to the will of the impatient critics. Do not skip the magic trick yet, Magic Leap. Let go of it, let the public find a real taste and then let the explanations flow. At this point, speculation does not matter. The Magic Leap One and all the billions behind it have either been worth the wait or not, and no amount of explanation will convince the public otherwise.

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