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Magic Leap & Weta Workshop start booster game from Dr. Ing. Grordborts Invaders Universe «Magic Leap :: Next Reality

It took years for Magic Leap to hit the market, but then the company quickly became the leading rival to Microsoft's HoloLens (at least in terms of experimental experience).

Magic Leap continued this journey on Friday with a different kind of launch – in Augmented Reality. The newest game title for Magic Leap One is called Boosters and comes from the same Weta Workshop team that Dr. Grordborts Invaders has brought.

The surprising release means that I did not have much time to test the game on our own Magic Leap One, but a quick gaming test shows a relatively simple yet entertaining gaming experience.

Once the game is initialized, a Launchpad will appear on the floor of your space and open quickly to produce a rocket (about two feet high). , The rocket and launchpad follow the same steampunk aesthetic as the world of dr. Grordborts Invaders. But instead of giving the players a table-based experience, Boosters is very similar to Grordbort in that it takes up a large space and requires the user's full interaction in walking around to find new aspects of the experience.

A Press of The Front Controller Trigger launches the engines of the rocket and you navigate with the (rather sensitive) rocket, which steers you towards asteroid crystals to improve the level. During my short test, the most exciting thing about the barebones game was that it relied on haptic feedback in the handheld controller.

Since your space is already allocated, the rocket knows where it can and can fly when you crash into the wall of your living room (which I've often done in simple mode), the rocket not only explodes, you can Detect the explosion in a very realistic way via the haptic feedback in the controller.

My first impression was that this is a game that has been spurring the team ahead of Christmas time, perhaps to arouse interest (and maybe distract from other stories), but after further consideration, I think that this the perfect gateway experience for those who have tried the far more sophisticated and complicated experience that Dr. Grordborts Invaders is.

If you try Boosters and like it, you'll probably have a good time in the deeper Grordborts spatial waters. Boosters is now available for free at the Magic Leap World Store.

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