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Mark episodes as playing in Apple Podcasts to remove them from your next queue «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

A typical hours-long podcast can cover a wide range of topics the parts you do not want to hear. Unfortunately, in the Apple Podcasts app, unfinished episodes remain in the My episodes list of the app, and are automatically played when you have finished a previous episode.

You can disable AutoPlay to prevent autoplay for shows and TV shows altogether, but this will not remove any unfinished or unwanted episodes from your "Up Next" list ̵

1; all episodes will be removed. Apple Podcasts offers a less rigorous option to clean up "Next." This marks unwanted episodes as playing, so the episodes you want to skip are no longer played automatically.

How Apple Podcasts Work

Marking episodes that are played can not be a new feature since they were available in iOS 10 and lower. However, it was removed from iOS 11 and redisplayed on iOS 12.2. During that time it was gone, the only way to mark an episode as playing was to do the high-speed cleanup. As seen in the following GIF file, swipe the timeline of an episode and drag your finger to the right to rewind the entire episode and register as fully played.

So you would need it in iOS 11 to run iOS 12.1.4.

How It Works in Apple Podcasts Now

Luckily, the "Marked as Playback" option for the podcast app in iOS 12.2 has made a comeback and has not disappeared yet. It's even available in iOS 13 and later, and you can access it in a number of ways.

If you're listening to an episode that you want to trim, you can expand the Now Playing card in Apple Podcasts, and then tap the skip icon (•••) in the lower-right corner followed by 'Mark as played' in the actions.

Alternatively, long-press the title of an episode on the Now Playing tab and select "Flag as Play" from the action sheet. You can even click on the link below each episode to open the show or series page. There you can also press and hold for a chapter to access "Mark as played". You can also do the same for shows and series via the Library tab in one of the lists.

From Now Playing (left); the "Listen Now" tab (center); and the list of the program (right).

To mark episodes as unplayed

Note that you can also mark new and unplayed episodes as playing. So, if you marked an episode as accidentally playing, or simply recalled a previously heard episode and deselected the next episode, go to the detail page for that series or show. Then select either "Available episodes" or "Previously played". You can also do the same thing in the "Downloaded" section of the Library tab if you have not set any delete episodes after listening to them.

View the action card for the target episode as highlighted above and tap Mark as unplayed to return to the episode list of your broadcast. Keep in mind that unfinished episodes that you marked as not playing will start all over again instead of continuing from where you left off] Mark episodes as being played back in Apple podcasts to get them out of your next queue remove. "width =" 270 "height =" 270 "style =" max-width: 532px; height: auto; "/>

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