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Marvel’s Avengers: How to Play With Friends Online

Marvel’s Avenger follows a similar Games-as-a-Service formula as many others in the genre – allowing you to take part in missions that will reward you with new equipment upon completion. You can play the campaign and endgame content yourself, but the game is meant to be played with friends. However, getting your squad together to destroy the bad guys isn’t as easy as you might expect.

This guide will show you how to play in multiplayer Marvel’s Avenger works and the steps required to get together with your squad, whether you’re playing Story Mode or the aftermath Avengers Initiative. Here’s how to play Marvel̵

7;s Avenger online with friends (or strangers).

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Link your Square Enix account

To make matchmake with other players Marvel’s Avengeryou must first link your Square Enix account Marvel’s Avenger. The game prompts you to do so many times, but if you skip this process first, you may have trouble starting the process. We’ll walk you through linking the account here. When you’re ready, head to the Square Enix Links site first. You want to log in or create your account.

After logging into your Square Enix account, go to the settings within the game either via the pause menu or the main menu. Then go to Legal and go down to Square Enix members. You will then be given a nine-digit code that you can post on the Square Enix website for linking. Alternatively, you can log into your Square Enix account from within the game or using the QR code. Once you do, the game will confirm that you are linked and you can play with friends online!

Play campaign with friends

Unfortunately, in campaign mode, you cannot play online with other people right away. Before doing this, you will need to work through the story until you can access missions through the war table. This is the central hub of the Chimera through which you can select missions. At first you don’t have many to choose from, but as the story progresses you will come across numerous missions, including optional missions and missions that advance the story. Only some missions can be played in multiplayer mode and are known as “multiplayer missions”. Be careful when deciding which missions to play with friends.

Select the mission you want and when you do it will take you to a screen where you can do lots of things, including the ability to invite your friends and compete with others. At this point, you can organize your gear, choose your heroes, and change your cosmetics and skills. When you’re done, take a look at the left side of the screen Strike team members.

You will see three empty slots that can all be occupied by real players. If you specifically want to play with friends, click on one of the empty slots and you can invite a player from your friends list on your respective platform. Provided the person is available, they can join in to help you with your mission. Once a player joins you can see which hero they are playing as, how strong they are and how high they are overall, along with their username. Remember that in order to play with other people, you must be playing a multiplayer enabled mission.

If you don’t fill all of the slots with real players, the remaining ones will be occupied by computer-controlled heroes who take the form of an available character. In other words, you can’t have duplicate heroes in one session. If you don’t want to play with a specific person and prefer to work with random players, turn on matchmaking by pressing square on PS4 or X on Xbox One. All other players who are matchmaking on this particular mission will have the option to pair up with you, although the servers seem a little shaky at startup.

Play Avengers Initiative with friends

In the Avengers Initiative, you probably spend most of your time playing this game. This mode offers endgame content and emphasizes online play with others. Remember, Avengers Initiative is meant to be played after this They beat the main story and will contain spoilers. Don’t jump into this mode if you are concerned about story spoilers.

Playing online through the Avengers Initiative is similar to the campaign, but you can switch to multiplayer from the start. Again, you’ll want to go to the war table, interact with it to choose your mission, and when you do, you’ll be presented with the same options as when you played the campaign.

From here you can invite up to three other players of your choice or play with random players. In our experience, we haven’t been very lucky to be paired with other players through random matchmaking. It’s unclear if this was due to an early game or if the servers are having problems. To be on the safe side, we recommend inviting other players if you’re having trouble finding people. If someone joins in, you can wait for other players to join, or you can just start the game as it is and the other slots will be filled with computerized players like in campaign mode.

Once the mission starts, you can complete it alongside other players, regardless of whether you are in Campaign or Avengers Initiative mode. Keep in mind that many of the in-game items like chests, health, and pretty much any type of gear you can pick up are not shared between players, which means that all four members of your party can have access to them. This is great because you don’t have to argue about who gets which items. While playing there is a level scaling system, which means that the difficulty is scaled to that of the lowest player. This way, low level players will not be bombed and knocked out within seconds.

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