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Messaging Apps: 20 tricks to enhance your chat game technology

Facebook Messenger

1) Avoid Using Messenger

Facebook has caught the ire of its users as it's nearly impossible to switch to the new messenger app that supports the messaging feature of Facebook App replaces itself. If you click Messages now, you'll need to install Messenger unless you're happy to never send Facebook messages back from your phone.

The only workaround currently is the use of the mobile browser version of Facebook. There have been suggestions that if you pause Messenger installation or delete it after installation, you will still be able to send messages in the old way on iOS, but we found that this did not work.

  Mute notifications in Facebook Messenger [19659006] 2). Mute notifications in Facebook Messenger
<p><strong>  2) Silence This Terrible Sound </strong></p><div><script async src=

Facebook Messenger was controversial, to say the least. Not only are users annoyed when forced to use the app, the "Ping!" – Alerting can quickly become unforgiving in group discussions, for example.

It's harder to stop on iOS than on Android. [19659004] Go to Settings -> Notifications on iOS to mute all conversations for 1 hour or until 8 in the morning, however long that may be. Alternatively, switch to a particular conversation and click on the "i" in the top right corner to mute for 1 hour, until 8 o'clock, or for an unlimited period of time. If you really want to mingle all sounds from the Messenger app, go to your iOS Settings -> Notification Center -> Messenger -> Sounds

On Android, you can easily go to Settings -> Notifications and customize Notifications as you like (including disabling this terrible "ping!") To mute certain conversations, select and hold the conversation on the Recent tab, and then click Mute Notifications.

3) Chat Heads

You may want to be ready and easily access important Facebook Messenger conversations. Chat heads are small bubbles that remain on your phone screen even after you leave the messenger app, so you can easily return to conversation. To create a chat head, click and hold a conversation on the Recent tab, and then click Open chat header. This is only available for Android.

4) See shared photos

When you scroll through many messages and find that a photo someone sent two weeks ago is a pretty inefficient one. With Facebook Messenger, you can view all the photos sent in a single conversation in a sorted grid view, making searching for an old photo less painful. To get to the sorted grid view on iOS, click on the "i" in the top right corner of a conversation ->

photos (or in group chat, & # 39; i & # 39; -> More -> See Photos). On Android, you'll need to open a chat head and then click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner -> See Shared Photos.


  Do not download images in Viber

5). Do not download images in Viber.

5) Do not download my photos automatically!

Just use Viber and you'll quickly find that your phone is full of pictures and videos that you have not taken or saved yourself. This is because Viber, like WhatsApp, automatically downloads and saves all images you receive. To stop this multimedia tyranny, click on iOS in the lower right corner of the screen -> Settings -> Media. On Android, it's in the same location: Menu -> Preferences -> Media

6) Confidential

By default, your contacts can see when you were last active Viber and if you have their Have read message. The obvious result is, if you actively avoid someone, they can probably say. You can simply disable these two functions. On iOS, click "More" in the lower right corner of the screen -> Settings -> Privacy. You can also block contacts using this menu. It's in the same place on Android: Menu -> Settings -> Privacy.

  Intelligent Notifications in Viber

7). Smart notifications in Viber

7) Smarter Notifications

If you receive a particularly large number of someone's messages, but do not want to be hummed each time, Viber can enable Smart Notifications. If this is enabled, you will receive notifications for the first one or two texts, but messages from your contact immediately afterwards will not buzz your phone. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Android. Select a conversation, then swipe left. A menu will appear with an option for & # 39; smart notifications & # 39;


8) More Private Messages

WhatsApp is similar to Viber in many ways, including the fact that your contacts can see when you were last in the app, barely ideal if you are slow to reply to messages or just do not want to talk to anyone. Disabling this feature is easy. On iOS, in the app, go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy. You can also block numbers from this menu. On Android, the process is the same. Go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy. In the same menu, on iOS and Android, you can block contacts that you no longer want to be able to notify you.

9) Do not Backup Media Automatically

Again, WhatsApp is just like Viber Store all the pictures and videos you've received on your phone and clog your photos with content you do not explicitly see wanted to. To disable this, go to Settings -> Chat Settings -> Save Incoming Media. Under Android, this option is in the same place: Settings -> Chat Settings -> Automatic Media Download -> Data


  Snapchat Fun Filter

10). Snapchat fun filter

10) Fun Filter

Everyone knows that you can doodle on your Snapchat, which is a core requirement of the messaging app. You can also add filters to your photos to give them the look of Instagram photos. To enable filters, click the free box at the bottom left of the screen when you open the app and click the gear on the top right of the screen to open Settings -> Manage -> Filter. You need to give Snapchat your location data. When taking a photo, simply swipe left and right to add filters.

Snapchat also has position-based filters, which are special overlays that only appear when you're in specific locations. So far it seems that they only work in the US, for example in famous places in New York and at attractions like Disneyland.

  Enlarged text in Snapchat

11). Enlarged text in Snapchat

11) Create text

In the same menu as & # 39; Filter & # 39; stands & # 39; special text & # 39; with which you can enlarge the text you send. While this may seem a bit banal, it offers new possibilities of creativity in conjunction with emojis, which can also be magnified. Once this feature is enabled under Settings -> Manage, you will see a large "T" in the top right corner when you type text into your snapchats.

12) Black and White

The usual Snapchat color palette is rather limited, strikingly white or black. With a simple trick, you can access a whole range of new colors and sounds. When you select the pen tool, tap and hold the color bar. Instead of swiping up and down, instead, swipe left and up to the opposite side of the screen. Here you will find white. Swipe to the bottom of the screen and you will find black. In between you will find different shades of the standard colors. You can even paint transparent on Android devices: tap and hold the color bar until the full palette appears, and then select the transparent color.

  Front Flash in Snapchat

13). Front panel in Snapchat

13) Front Flash

Few smartphones have a flash for the front camera (that's the one you use for selfies, by the way). But Snapchat has a clever way to play the Flash effect without physical flash. When you take a picture with the front camera, Snapchat forces the screen to blink completely white the moment the picture is taken. The light flashes produced are basically a flash. To enable this, go to Settings -> Manage -> Flash Forward. On the same menu, you have options to enable the playing of Snapchats and "Special" (read "Larger").

14) Stop Chat Messages Disappear

Snapchat was a simple photosharing app, but in May of this year, a text chat feature was introduced. Now, if you're sharing a snapshot with someone, you can also swipe right to their name to bring up a chat box that works just like any other instant messaging app. There is a crucial difference, the text disappears as soon as you close the chat box, which can quickly become frustrating when you exchange information that you need to remember. To prevent this, just tap the message you want to save – it will be grayed out and not deleted until you tap it again.


15) Turn Off Read Receipts

Let's start with the simple things: Read receipts. If you are a friend, they will appear under their messages at the end of the conversation, showing them if they opened the chat and saw their message, which means they know exactly how long they have needed to answer. This can be disabled by going to iOS Settings -> Messages -> Send Read Receipts

16) Send texts from your computer

If you work hard on your laptop, you may not want your flow Pause to check messages on your phone. Download the News app for Mac, and you can run iMessage chats from your computer. Better yet, with the new OS X Yosemite you are not just limited to iMessages, you can also send SMS.

17) GIFs

Animated GIFs are these short, endless, often hilarious videos that dominate much less serious network communication. Although not the most important feature the iPhone has to offer, iMessage supports animated GIFs. Send a message to your friend and it will automatically be played in your conversation thread. To send a GIF with iMessage, save a GIF like a normal picture in your photos. Then, during an iMessage conversation, click the camera icon and select Existing. Alternatively, you can go to the Photos app, click on the GIF, select the box with the up arrow at the bottom left of the screen, and then choose Message.

  Caps Lock in iMessage

18). Caps lock in iMessage

18) Write in Capital Letters

Sending long messages, emails, Facebook posts, or tweets in capital letters is widely regarded as offensive, but that does not mean that it does not have its place. This is more of a general keyboard trick for iOS than for iMessage; It will work for all apps here. The Shift key on the iOS keyboard is case-sensitive, but annoyingly, you can only enter a capital letter before you need to type the keyboard again. Alternatively, you can hold it down, which makes typing difficult. However, if you tap the key twice, the capital letter mode is activated and you can enter uppercase letters continuously. To switch back to lowercase, just tap the

key again 19) Show timestamp

iMessage hides the timestamps for messages by default (this also applies to iOS texts). Instead of displaying the time for each text, it simply indicates when a session of texts started. However, in a conversation, swipe left and you can see the time of each text.

  Emojis in iMessage

20). Emojis in iMessage

20) Emojis!

Emojis are a fun way to communicate online in a concise way and replace text-based communication with a visual language that's wide enough to say almost anything, but restrictive enough to make you creative about how you mess with news build up. There are cute little illustrated symbols that represent everything from facial expressions to landmarks to fruits. You could call them hieroglyphics. To enable emojis in iMessage (and for the keyboard usually on all apps on iOS), go to iOS Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> & # 39; Add New Keyboard & # 39; -> emoji. Emojis are enabled by default on Android smartphones. Just click on the smiley face on the bottom left of the keyboard. Some of the emojis are slightly different from Android. For example, the dancing lady Emoji on iOS is a dancing man on Android.

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