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MLB The Show 19 The Road to the Show Guide: The Big Leagues

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Road to the Show is back in MLB The Show 19 on PS4. The career mode that will engage you in creating a player and moving from a small leaguer to an MLB superstar has long been a staple. Major changes to the mode were made last year, and The Show 19 builds on these changes. To help you on your journey from AA Ball to the bright lights of MLB Parks, we have put together a Road to the Show guide.

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9, see our headlines. 19659004] Player archetypes

When creating a player, you must select an archetype. Archetypes are rough categories with strengths and weaknesses that are modeled on existing players.

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Position players have five archetypes to choose from:

  • Pure Power: High power and arm strength, low contact and speed.
  • Small Orb: High speed and field strength, low power.
  • Rock Steady: Relatively uniform values ​​everywhere, except for slightly less power and speed.
  • Mr. Utility: All-rounder with good speed, contact and arm strength.
  • The Anomaly: High speed and performance, low contact and plate look.

Archetypes determine your initial attribute caps. Make sure the desired archetype matches your chosen location, which will be displayed directly under the archetype descriptions.

  MLB The Show 19 The Road to the Show Guide

Pitchers has three archetypes to choose from: [19659008] Flamethrower: High speed and arm strength, focused on strike.

  • Simple Filthy: High ball break, stamina and hits per nine innings.
  • Control Freak: High accuracy. 19659013] Pitching archetypes are a matter of personal preference, although we believe control in the show is far more important than speed. Control Freak is our favorite pitching archetype with Plain Filthy just behind it.

    Getting Started

    After you participate in an Exploration Day and two storefront games, you are drafted. It really does not matter if you missed out on all the bad luck in the stroke exercises and went on the plate 0-8 throughout the showcase games. You will be recruited and you will probably be led to AA. The Show 19 is nice in that you can tell your high school coach before the draft of which team you want to be drafted. Magically, this team will pick you. We have tried this several times and we are always called by our preferred team.

    You can delay your entry into professional baseball for a year by going to college. If you do, you'll be fast-forwarding to the scouting day next year. To be honest, it does not matter when you are written. So it makes no sense to move in the first few laps against the last few laps. In both cases you are the same player with the same statistics on the same trip.

    Stat Progression

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    Building on the changes made in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 18 you can not choose how You want to use your attribute points. They are automatically assigned to the corresponding statistics categories after each game. This means that you need to think a bit more about how you work in the field. You could have a pretty good game and still notice regressions in important categories. The point is that you are well-rounded and take every opportunity on the plate and in the field with care.

    If you play as a positional player, you'll find that there are ten statistics categories (not all at the same time) in each game: Power R, Power L, Contact R, Contact L, Speed, Disk View, Steal, Fielding, Accuracy of the arm and reaction. If you see a plus sign on the screen, it means that your action has increased this attribute. A subtraction sign means the exact opposite. It is important that any positive and negative action does not change the overall statistics. Just because you got a power hump on a home run does not mean that your Power R statics jump from 54 to 55. Several of these smaller humps are needed to increase your overall statistics.

    Stat Stat Highs

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    For the first time, some of the off-day training exercises are interactive minigames. These training exercises, which contain a mix of reaction time minigames, are of significant importance. Here you increase your statistics caps. Due to archetypes, each category of statistics has an upper limit. This means that you can not magically turn your power, which hits the first baseman, into a League Leader. However, since cap raises can only be earned through training exercises, you definitely want to use them. Remember, you can not increase this statistic when you reach a stat cap. It can, however, go down. So pay attention to which values ​​are close to the upper limit and select exercises that work on these attributes.

    Dynamic Challenges

      MLB The Show 19 Way to Show Leader

    New to the mode in The Show 19 are dynamic challenges. These seem to have replaced the timepiece Showtime. When you enter the dough box, you sometimes have the opportunity to get some significant attribute bonuses by completing a task. Usually you have three options, but sometimes there are only two. These challenges can be as simple as getting in or out of a run, or they can be more specific. We have encountered challenges that require you to swing only in pitches in the zone and to make contact with the base. Or make a hit in the first three intervals. It varies, which is fun. The harder the challenge, the more bonus attributes you get.

    We have seen 50 to 200 percent bonuses. We recommend that you always choose the one that you feel most comfortable with instead of getting the biggest bonus every time. These attribute bonuses can stack well. Complete a few challenges in a single game, and you can raise a stats category much faster than usual.

    Personality Features Do Not Matter

      MLB The Show 19 Road to Show Manual

    Also New to ] Show 19 are personality traits for your player. These are designed to make the career mode friendly, but we still have no influence on our career path. When you create your player, you are prompted to select three of four personality types. Throughout the season, you will improve this by talking to teammates. These teammate talks are meant to build teammateship and friendships, but the system does not go into the overall goal of the mode at all.

    On the other hand, we recommend paying attention to the outdated conversations between you and team members. So you suggest coach and your manager. Sometimes the team manager asks you to change your position or turn your thoughts into something. To be on the safe side, especially if you have not been called into the big leagues yet, we recommend that you always respond to requests from your supervisor. We have found that accepting a change of position has resulted in us being called earlier.

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