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More recent MacBook pros have backlight issues due to a design flaw – Review Geek


Are you the proud owner of a MacBook Pro for 201

6 or later? Unfortunately, there is a ticking time bomb inside, which can eventually cause problems with the backlighting of the display, and this is a design flaw that affects every single unit.

Forever known as "Flexgate" (and detailed by iFixit), the problem is addressed with the flexible display ribbon cables of the MacBook Pro, which Apple has designed to be extremely thin in the newer models. Unfortunately, they made them too thin and, with sufficient opening and closing of the lid, this thin cable wears prematurely and ruptures.

This causes the backlight of the display to create a "stage lighting effect" on the stage at the bottom of the screen, and finally, the bed is fully scored once the cover is fully open (see video below).

Unfortunately, according to iFixit, these cables are part of the display, so that the cables alone are not interchangeable, but the entire display assembly has to be replaced, which is at least an expensive repair. Worse, iFixit says it's not about "whether" that happens with your device, but "when". "

Not only is this a manufacturing flaw that affects a small number of MacBook Pro devices, it's a design flaw that affects all devices manufactured since 2016. Some users had their device repaired for free, but others had The best you can do is contact Apple Support if you have any problems.

Apple has not officially addressed the problem yet, but as time goes by, we will rely on more and more complaints and Apple will eventually have to do something.

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