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MoviePass Works Great for Limited Users, Everyone Else Should Seek Another Filmgoing Subscription «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

MoviePass was once the best subscription service on the market. On unbeatable, but recent changes to the service have made it less enticing. While it works well for some users, others may have to rely on other options. Personally, I'm leaning towards the latter.

While the original MoviePass service's price depended on your location in the country, it slashed costs to just $ 9.95 a month for everyone, with access to one movie a day. Thirty movies a month? How could you say no? I certainly could not.

It has been an abandoned plan for many years.

MoviePass can not keep enough money in the bank every day right now to make it a viable service , They nowadays are as cheap as they are, and they are constantly on the decline. MoviePass is an unpredictable service.

The Current Plan Offered

As of now, MoviePass still charges just $ 9.95 a month, and only those 1

8 years old and higher can join. When you first sign up, you'll get a MoviePass-branded debit card which is how you'll pay for most shows. The card takes 7 to 10 business days to arrive, and there's no way to get it sooner. However, if you're ready to start using MoviePass.

2D movies a month. Unfortunately, you can not go to any movies you like unless you live near an e-ticketing theater – a partnered theater that gives you MoviePass discounted rates. With e-ticketing theater, besides the availability of all standard movies, you can also reserve tickets through the app;

You do not need access to your MoviePass debit card when reserving showtimes from e-ticketing theaters, so if you do not receive your card on time, there's still hope

  • Install MoviePass: Android | iOS (subscription needed for both)

E-ticketing theaters are just a few minutes away, so for everyone else, only movies are available. Many of those preselected, standard 2D movies are movies on the screen. However, there is one semi-wide or wide-release film each day. MoviePass Works Great for Limited Users, Everyone Else Should Seek Another Movie Subscription ” width=”532″ height=”532″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

 MoviePass Works Great for Limited Users, MoviePass Works Everyone Else Should Seek Another Movie Subscription

For regular theaters, you can not order movies from home ahead of time, as MoviePass forces you to check in to prevent fraud. However, some users have reported that the 100-yard rule does not apply to all of the time. I've stayed in this hotel for a long time now.

Either way, you have your ticket with you. MoviePass debit card which is preloaded with the price of the ticket at the theater or via the e-ticketing app, there are no advanced reservations for later dates. Only movies for the current day are acceptable.

While it's not a dealbreaker, MoviePass just lets you watch a movie. The app will block out that option whenever it's available after your first viewing. MoviePass via "History" in the "Account" tab in the app.

The Biggest Deterrent To Keep You Away

While three 2D movies a month from now, it's a great option for just $ 9.95 a month, there is one

When MoviePass runs out of money for the day, it usually pulls out any remaining showtimes left in the app, so you'll get the dreaded "There are no more screenings at this theater today" warning. Sometimes, they have no movies in spite of their list of acceptable movies.

I live in a city with one theater, so my options are slim. Over the last few months, I have never been able to use all this because of this very reason. MoviePass, so if I do not see two movies each month, it feels like lost money.

Unlike with Movie Club Cinema, it does not matter Roll over into the next month in MoviePass, which makes this issue even worse.

MoviePass at least does not try to keep that a secret.

not present in the app, but MoviePass has implemented a new rule that limits this to a "one-time courtesy."

But It Can Definitely Work for Some People

If you can find ways to maximize its use, MoviePass is definitely one of the best options. MoviePass, but there are no concession discounts, point system, or family plans.

You can get a discount of from $ 2 to $ 5 on additional tickets, but only after the three 2D movies for the month have been used, and for a lot of users, including myself, that benefit is never even touched. Theoretically, this book has not been translated into English.

Additional fees may apply e-ticketing theaters;

MoviePass claims it covers 91 percent of theaters in the US, but you will need to verify that your local theater is not one of the incompatible 9 percent. Some high-priced specialty theaters and movie houses in big cities with high ticket prices are compatible, but not every single one. MoviePass sometimes removes popular, expensive theaters from its apps.

On the plus side, the company wants premium ticket upgrades for 3D or IMAX.

MoviePass does have a referral program, but it only benefits those you refer. With it, you can only refer to three friends, and they sign up. You, however, get nothing in return except helping a friend out. There's support in the app for adding your loyalty theater cards, but it's just now working with D'Place Entertainment, which only has two locations in Cathedral City, California.

Right now, MoviePass is still trying to find its feet. With continual losses, upset board members, a rapidly declining consumer base, and no transparency with customers (remember that "Director of Barketing" email?) That causes trust issues, it feels like a sinking ship. However, many users who live near e-ticketing theaters or can hop.

However over to their local theater quickly to get tickets in the morning before they have had great success with MoviePass. I wish I was one of those users, but for me and everyone else, it's hit or miss.

Another huge downside worth noting is when you subscribe, but it's too hard to see your three movies each month, when you cancel, you can not sign up for another 9 months. Do not Miss: More Movies & TV for Your Smartphone

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