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Mute your doorbell with a video doorbell

Video doorbells come with all kinds of really nice features, but one feature that tends to be overlooked is the ability to break your interior bell whenever you want.

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That's great if you do not want the kids to be woken up when someone comes to the door or when you're looking for peace. I push out the inner bell so it does not scare my cat because she's literally a big cat and does not tolerate other people. And since 80% of the people who come to our door are postal companies delivering a parcel, it's not worth scared the cat.

What exactly does it do?

If your video doorbell is connected to a mechanical indoor unit Chime (or a plug-in add-on gong, like this one from Ring), you can tell him to silence the gong in the settings. All this makes the indoor gong unusable if someone rings the bell at your door. Remember that this does not interrupt the gong, but only breaks the connection until you stop saying it.

The way a conventional doorbell works is that a small wire goes from the doorbell to the doorbell button and then a small wire goes from the button back to the gong. When these two cables are connected (by pressing the doorbell), the circuit is closed and the chime sounds.

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When you mute the interior bell your video doorbell, it essentially just keeps the wires disconnected, whatever, when the button is pressed. Therefore, the gong will never sound.

How to Mute Your Inner Gong

With Nest Hello and SkyBell HD, you can mute the inner gong of your respective mobile apps in Settings. As with the ring doorbell, you can do this only with the Ring Pro with a mechanical gong. If you have the normal ringing bell, you need the extra gong.

In the Nest Hello, the process of muteing the gong is pretty simple. Just tap the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen when you see the live feed, and then press the toggle switch at the top of "Indoor Chime On / Off".

[19659013] For the SkyBell HD, go into the settings, tap on "Indoor Chime" and then on the toggle switch next to "Indoor Chime."

On the bell with the ringer Add-On Chime, select the gong on the main screen, tap on "Chime Snooze" and then select "Power Off". You can also select a period of 1 to 12 hours.

[19659013] On the Ring Pro, select the icon on the main screen, tap the gear icon for the settings, select "Doorbell Kit Settings," and then tap the toggle switch next to "Ring My house door bell. "

Unfortunately, the only device that allows you to set a time limit is the ringing bell when paired with the digital auxiliary signal. For all other models, you must return to the settings to re-enable the gong.

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