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My new favorite piece that I did not know I wanted

If you only have a handful of open tabs in Google Chrome, it's easy to see what they're about. However, collecting more tabs (or shrinking the window) will make it harder. Here come Schwebekarten into play.

What are floating maps in Chrome?

The Google Chrome floating map feature lets you see more information about an open tab just by hovering over it. The feature is currently hidden behind a flag in Stable (75) and Beta (75) builds, so it's not yet entirely ready for primetime ̵

1; but I've been using it for weeks and sections. & # 39; I had no problems. Here's a look at what it looks like in action:

Pretty smart, right? Just wait – it gets better. There is a separate flag that also allows image preview, so you not only get the name and address of the site, but also a quick thumbnail of the page. Something like this:

I found the image preview a bit – it takes up a lot of space and I honestly do not need a preview. However, I can see how valuable this can be – for example, when shopping online and comparing multiple products on the same website. How many times have you opened 19 Amazon tabs to find out what you should buy? Hover map preview would be a killer in such a situation for fast navigation.

But as it stands, hover cards are so useful on their own (without a preview) that I'm not sure how I lived without them. I research a lot and often provide dozens of open tabs. Here Hover Cards shows its value. This makes it much easier to find the desired tab. I first knew how much I needed when I got it.

If you are interested, learn here how to get it now.

How to enable floating maps (and previewing images) in Chrome [19659003] First, make sure you're using the latest version of Chrome. Go to the Settings menu by clicking the top three dots in the top right corner, then navigate to Help> About Chrome.

If you are up to date, you will be notified here. If an update is available, download and install it. Then restart your browser to complete the installation.

If you ran the latest update, open a new tab and go to chrome: // flags To get started.

From here you have several options. The easiest way, however, is to search for the term "hover" in the search bar. This will display both relevant options: tabs and tab images.

Click the drop-down box next to the option you want to activate (or both, if you are concerned with this life). Then select "Enabled". It is worth noting that the tabs have the options "Enabled", "Enabled B" and "Enabled C". I could not detect a noticeable difference between the three options. Continue with the main menu "Activated". Option.

Once this option is enabled, click the "Restart Now" button below to restart your browser.

possibly life-changing) hovering! I hope you find her as useful as me.

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