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Necessary phone 2 reportedly canceled, Ruby looking to sell «Android :: Device Hacks

The Essential Phone was undoubtedly one of the most underrated phones of 2018. It started with flawed software and camera issues, but the company worked diligently to publish updates. Many Android enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting the release of Essential 2 this summer. Unfortunately, there is news today from Bloomberg that Essential 2018 will not release a phone.

According to reports, Essential has appointed Credit Suisse Group AG to advise them on the profitability of selling the company. There are indications that at least one party is interested in buying the smartphone startup.

For Android fans, this means that the Essential Phone 2 has been set indefinitely. In addition, some of the other essential products remain in the balance. The company should launch its Smart Home Hub later this year. Our biggest concern is whether Essential will continue to release software updates for the PH-1

and how fast they will do it.

There is hope that anyone who buys Essential will continue product development, as all patents are rumored to be included in some sale. In addition, Essential could easily decide against the sale, as it is still ongoing. For all fans of Essential and Android in general, this is a very disappointing news. Let's know in the comments what you think about Essential out of the smartphone game – was that expected?

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