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Need a screen protector for your Apple Watch? – Check Geek

If you're worried that the screen of your Apple Watch will be scratched, you can easily buy and install a protective film for it. But should you even be worried about it?

I know many people who have been in the market for an Apple Watch, but have withdrawn because they fear that the screen would be scratched relatively easily. With daily use, a watch can easily bump and rub against various objects.

Depending on the model of the Apple Watch, the display glass may be more durable than other models.

Some Apple Watch models have sapphire crystal displays

With the newer Apple Watch 4 Series (as well as some previous generations), the stainless steel model comes with a sapphire crystal display glass, which sounds more like marketing fluff, but in reality it's a little one Nice feature if you are paranoid if you scratch the screen.

Sapphire crystal is made of sapphire gemstone, the third hardest material on earth behind diamond and moissanite, and is therefore insensitive to scratches. Or at least it should be like that.

JerryRigEverything, a YouTube channel that conducts consumer electronics durability tests, conducted a scratch test on a Series 3 Apple Watch with a sapphire crystal shade and found that it was not as scratch-resistant. It is quite possible that the sapphire not as clean as the Tissot watch, which he compares to that of sapphire crystal. Admittedly, it was even more scratch resistant than the inferior glass on cheaper Apple Watch models, but not much.

However, it is possible that Apple made some improvements with its sapphire crystal in the Apple Watch Series 4.

You're probably better off with a screen protector

For entry-level Apple watches with aluminum body, the screen is just plain glass or "Ion-X" glass, as Apple likes to call it – it's no scratchier than a typical smartphone display.

If you have any of these and are paranoid if you scratch it, then a screen protector offers you inexpensive and uncomplicated security.

How cheap? You can get a pack of screen protection for just over $ 10, and you should survive for quite a while. Just make sure you get the right size for your Apple Watch. This six-pack costs $ 11 and is suitable for both 38mm and 40mm Apple watches. They are also available for 42mm and 44mm models for the same price. Do you want to go beyond simple protection and protect the case as well? Take a look at our summary of the best Apple Watch protection solutions.

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