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New Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer may be available soon

Jay Maidment

Most fans agree that the worst part of Avengers: Infinity War was the emotional Spider-Man scene that produced a million and a meme: "Mr. Stark, I do not feel me so good. "The 23rd edition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has much to clarify and answer further questions if we believe that it is Spidey Marvel, which was created after Spider-Man: Homecoming (or maybe even after) is left Avengers: Endgame ).

There has also been much speculation about the name, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige himself said that he likes the multiple meanings behind it and tells the sister site ComicBook.com, "It's all about returning home, not just keeping the word going that we like and we liked more than Homecoming 2, but the term "home" is a word with two meanings, with which we have this [MCU] version of Spider-Man. Far from home has several Meanings. "

According to the sister site Comicbook.com we can expect a second trailer from Thursday. Now that Avengers: Endgame has been released, we hope that this trailer will give everyone a much better look at how the universe evolved ̵

1; or maybe FFH is a precursor to Infinity War and we've been there misled Stay tuned!

If all of our Alufoil hats are activated, it could also be related to the fact that Spidey is now thinking about globe trotting for this sequel and who is playing the lead role and who's coming back.

Sony Pictures' website lists the first date of the Web Slingers now as July 2nd, three full days before the original release date. That means we do not have to wait that long to take a look at the new phase of the MCU after Endgame.

On Monday, March 25, new posters were released to give a new look to the traveling Spidey.

Interestingly, the aesthetic eliminates any "futuristic" features that Spidey gained in the Infinity War suit, and instead went back to the more recognizable suit, albeit now with black over blue accents.


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Spider-Man: Far away from home Teaser trailer shows a globetrotter …


Release date: July 5, 2019

With the release of the second MCU Spidey movie this summer, there remains only one question: how will he deal with snapping? Or just talk about what fans (until then) have seen in Endgame?!? The first trailer drop on Tuesday was trying to zero in on the events of the Infinity War or even hint at something coming soon. (Recent reports, however, seem to indicate that Marvel was not exactly thrilled that Far from Home came out so soon after Endgame.)

OK, but when takes place *? *

No way to experience it until it arrives. Fig said to ComicBook, in the same piece as above, that "like [Spider-Man] connects, where it connects when it takes place, very similar to Ant-Man, and the wasp is that we will not say it now." Based on this statement and these predictions for Avengers: Endgame which rely heavily on time travel or alternative universes, one can assume that either Far from Home far ahead of Infinity War or Endgame takes place seriously with the canon timeline ,

In 2017, Sony boss Amy Pascal hoped to Fandom that the production would take place on the then unnamed Spidey episode immediately after Avengers 4. "And we're starting now with the next, which is a story just a few minutes after Avengers 4."

Feige seemed to confirm this to IGN prior to the Infinity War last year: "How is it, after what happened in this Film happens to return to a normal life [Infinity War]? Not to mention what happened in the next [Avengers] movie. "


Jay Maidment

Cast: Who is who?

Also, Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders (who each play Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill) were filmed in the UK last year and are now confirmed. The trailer has been dropped.

Jon Watts, director of Homecoming, is also responsible for directing the sequel, and FFH is written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, who have both worked on Homecoming as well as Ant-Man and 2018 The Wasp ,

  spider-man-far-from-home-spidey-nick-fury-maria-hill "height =" 0 "width =" 370 "data-original =" https: // cnet3. cbsistatic.com/img/RkDrboxmiKduh5XJFb1PdbNOEug=/370x0/2019/05/01/37fc3deb-76a6-41b2-b3c7-2c89dff6a339/spider-man-far-from-spidey-nick-furymarinka-ofuraina/ spider-man-far-from -home-spidey-nick-fury-maria-hill "height =" 0 "width =" 370

Agents Nick Fury and Maria Hill (Jackson and Smulder, lr) will appear in Far From Home.

Jay Maidment

Plot News, Rumors, and Theories

The sequel to Spidey began shooting around the world in 2018 after Infinity War, and since then, photos and more have surfaced on the Internet. What we have so far taken from the rumors and photos:

New Love Interests

Not just for Peter Parker. In a somewhat strange turn, the first trailer starts with a flirt between Happy and Aunt May behind a stage, and even Peter asks what the hell is going on.

It also looks as if Ned is involved in Betty (played by Angourie Rice), hinting at her loving touches in the airport scene and her hands running in the trailer.

And finally, Peter and MJ definitely have a romance; Among other clues, he calls her "pretty" in a dress and tells Ned that he only wants to spend some time with MJ. Mysterio as a good guy?

Uh, maybe, but we do not go that far. Although unlikely, it seems that FFH is rewriting the typical genesis of Spidey Nemesis. After pictures of Gyllenhaal around the world appeared in costumes, Gyllenhaal even made a joke about the villain in his first Instagram post. Both confirmed that he played that role and many believed it was an uncomplicated shot of the character

Sony Pictures

But as the sister site GameSpot says, nothing is clear or even set in stone in the MCU.

"There is also the possibility that Gyllenhaal's character may borrow from the other incarnations of Mysterio: Daniel Berkhart, a Con who temporarily replaced Beck at the instigation of both Becks and after being taken as an imitation by Jonah Jameson; Francis Klum, a mutant with teleportation forces who briefly took over the coat when Beck was dead, and Mysterion, a mysterious new incarnation who was brainwashed and forced to join a team called Superior Six, that of Otto Octavius While none of the other Mysterio's bearers was right, Beck's story of the MCU's willingness to play fast and easy with classic characters means they probably should not be ignored. "

The belief that we to see a softer side of Mysterio is the idea of ​​CCXP and the latest trailer he and Spidey are fighting e looking for even larger group of big bats: The Elementals. Hydro-Man, Sandman, and Molten Man (not fourth) appear briefly in the first trailer, but the latest theories surrounding Mysterio's suspicious exploits state that he actually controls the entities.

More new posters show the black and red suit.

Sony Pictures

New Suits for Spidey

A new suit was featured on Jimmy Kimmel of Holland, a red and black version of the first movie suit.

There is also a new, completely black "Noir" version of a Spidey suit, as seen for the first time at CCXP in December and briefly featured in the trailer – but it remains to be seen why and when Holland's going to carry him, did he get it from Fury for a covert mission, did he make it because his suit was ruined or taken or something similar?

Even faster plot changes

  • Aunt May now knows that Peter Spidey is, and this is really the only reference to events after the final.
  • The check that Happy Walks makes behind the scenes is from Pepper Potts, which definitely gives the impression that Iron Man is in this timeline / reality / movie / disappeared forever.

This article was originally published on January 15, 2019 and is occasionally updated with funny news when we come to it.

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