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New update makes the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S10 4 times faster «Android :: Gadget-Hacks

The Galaxy S10 is one of the best mobile phones in years by the world's largest smartphone OEM. With its amazing display, its new user interface and first-class cameras, there is not much to complain about. The biggest drawback is the in-display fingerprint scanner and how slow it is. Thanks to a recent update, it has become a lot faster.

While the Ultrasound Inprint Fingerprint Scanner has its advantages over the optical in-display scanners of other phones, there have been some difficulties. When Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 and S10 + for the first time, accuracy was a problem as many complained that it was too slow and too often gave them the error message "No hit". To fix both issues, an update was immediately pushed, and while the "No Match" issue was resolved, the speed was still not comparable to its predecessor's fingerprint scanner at the back.

With the latest update With the rollout on April 1

1, which includes the March 2019 security patch, the fingerprint scanner has been dramatically accelerated. Based on our tests, unlocking your phone has been 438% faster. The phone took an average of 2.50 seconds to detect a fingerprint and display the boot screen with the February 2019 security patch installed. Now the phone can be unlocked in just 0.57 seconds. It is very very very remarkable to use in practice, but you can see how much faster it got down in the GIF.

Samsung has improved the hardware drivers to accelerate the fingerprint scanner. This speed was achieved by modifying animations. If the phone has detected your fingerprint, it will be faded in by Black and the Home screen icons will zoom in on the screen. Both animations have now disappeared and are replaced by a faster "wipe" animation.

With this update, the Galaxy S10 eliminates its biggest user complaints. Although it is not a perfect phone, it has set the bar for all phones in 2019 and beyond. With such a competitive price, if you look at the laundry list with the features, this could be the year you're traveling with Samsung's train – because for the rest of the smartphone industry, this will be a hard act.

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Cover Picture, Screenshots and GIF by Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

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