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Now is the time to buy another Instant Pot – LifeSavvy

An Instant Pot Duo air fryer model filled with French fries that shows how the device can be used for fried goods.
Instant pot

Whether you̵

7;ve never had an instant pot or have been thinking of adding a new one to your coop of cooking utensils, the deep discounts on different models during Prime Day make it the perfect time to grab an instant pot.

From soups to kid-friendly meals, you can prepare almost anything in an instant pot – and when you expand the air frying capabilities of the Instant Pot Duo-Crisp, you can even make french fries and deep-fried goods! Thanks to Prime Day, you can get several different models with deep discounts.

While all three offerings are great, the Crisp is a fantastic buy for anyone who makes anything, including french fries. The Nova is a lot if you aren’t into air frying and just need a large pan for quick cooking. After all, the Teeny Ultra is great for small meals or side dishes – and for anyone who wants to cook anything with ease, pressure cooking would be well served to include one to whip up extra sides.

And hey, while you’re at it, don’t forget to bring some cool accessories for your new Instant Pot!

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