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Open thread: Do you feel the digital divide?

I recently had the unsettling experience of completely losing my internet connection. No signal – not wireless, not wired, nowhere, whatsoever. Nada. Niente. Bupkis. I checked the cables, connections, restarted the modem, and swapped the modem. Nothing worked. It took about a day for the technician to arrive. In the meantime, I’ve learned what a life without connectivity means.

And it was creepy.

You can look up all 42 million results for “Digital Divide Seniors 2020” and it won’t have an impact of 24 or 48 hours without its own connectivity. The statistics don’t show how difficult it is – especially during this pandemic ̵

1; to be an older adult who is not connected online.

There’s an exciting new way to tackle this in a nutshell: Aging Connected is a national campaign with the ambitious goal of connecting one million older adults to the internet. Sign up here for the latest news on this new project from OATS, as well as related services and tools for digital literacy. Ask? Send them over here.

Of course, the feeling is that the digital divide isn’t as dramatic as not being connected to the internet at all – sometimes I feel it when faced with a technical error that I can’t seem to solve. Or need an update. Or plug in a program and it suddenly stops working.

But how is it for you When did you feel the digital divide most? Let us know in the comments.

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