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Order the new Apple AirPods at Amazon for faster delivery than the Apple Store «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Compared to the original AirPods, Apple's second-generation AirPods offer better battery life, support for Hey Siri, a more stable connection, faster switching between devices and call connections, less latency in gaming, and an optional wireless charging case. If you want to preorder the new model, you should skip the Apple Store and choose Amazon instead, to get it to your door faster.

Pre-orders are currently being made for second-generation AirPods, which will be officially released sometime next week in physical Apple stores, and it looks like it might be Tuesday, March 26. Original delivery estimates for AirPods 2 (they are not actually called that) were pre-orders from the online Apple Store, which ran from March 27 to 29. Amazon indicates that the release is March 26, so Tuesday is a good choice ,

However, if you are not near an Apple Store, are not pre-ordered, or you do not want to edit lines, the current delivery estimate for AirPods with the Apple Wireless Charging Case will be between April 4 and April 9 , If you do not want to wait that long and want to keep it in your hands next week, pre-order from Amazon is recommended

If you are not an Amazon Prime paying member or can stand me you will receive a free shipping now with a delivery time of 5 -8 working days. Fast shipping, something you can not do in the Apple Store, speeds up to four to five business days. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll get that estimate for 4 to 5 business days for free. That means you could get a pair on Friday, March 29th, which is seven days earlier than Apple's estimate.

However, the second-generation AirPods with the regular charging case now have a delivery estimate from the March 29 to April 2 now from the Apple Store, as well as the Wireless Charging Case itself. Amazon's delivery estimate is the same for all three options earliest delivery 4-5 working days, so this is possible from March 29th to April 1

st. Both options would be approximately the same, although the last day from Amazon is a day earlier. [19659006] Order the new Apple AirPods at Amazon for faster delivery than the Apple Store "width =" 532 "height =" 532 "style =" max-width: 532px; height: auto; "/>
. With Wireless Case (left), without (center) and the Wireless Case itself (right). Apple Image

Note that Best Buy has pre-orders open, but AirPods are already running out with Wireless Charging Case models, since you can not preorder them anymore, the wireless charging case itself says "coming soon." The AirPods with charging case can be pre-ordered from Best Buy, but the "ship" date is not until March 29.

All Apple Buy AirPods models from Amazon

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