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NFL 2018: As you can see, if you have no cable

Are you ready for football? If you read this, I can only assume that your answer is, "Yes, I'm ready to hand my Sundays to the NFL, not to mention my nights on Monday and Thursday." The games will air on CBS and Fox on Sunday afternoon, on NBC on Sunday night and on ESPN on Monday night. A Thursday …

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5 functions come to your Android phone with Android Pie

There are many new features in Android Pie that you can expect to find your way to your Android smartphone, the timing of which depends on how often the manufacturer of your phone updates its operating system. Google Pixel ($ 313 on Amazon.com) Owners can get these features immediately. Now: Watch this: Android P: One Piece & # 39; Pie …

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Mercedes-Benz switches to HoloLens for employee training «HoloLens :: Next Reality

The luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has joined the growing list of automakers using Augmented Reality to assist in this case via the Microsoft HoloLens. The company employs more than 100 HoloLens devices – the Mercedes Benz Global Training Program – in its Mercedes, where approximately 450 management, product, branding and sales people have access to the devices. Image by IJsfontein …

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