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Pasting an image or other object in Microsoft Office

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Adding images and other objects in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint gives your document, spreadsheet, or presentation a visual impact. This is how it works:

Inserting pictures from your computer

Office applications allow you to insert pictures stored on your computer's hard disk. Place the cursor where you want the image to appear and select the "Images" option on the "Insert" tab.

In Word or Excel, you will find this option in the Images tab. Group "Illustrations".

 Pasting an image in Word or Excel

In PowerPoint, it is in the "Images" group.

 Inserting an Image in PowerPoint [19659005] The File Explorer opens. Browse to the location of the image file, select it, and then choose Paste.

 Selecting the image from the File Explorer

The image is now inserted.

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Inserting images from the Web

If the image to be pasted is not stored locally on your computer, you can choose one from the Web pull directly from the office app. First, in Word and Excel, click the Insert tab, locate the Illustrations group, and select Online Images.

 Online Images in Word or Excel

In PowerPoint, on the Insert tab, switch to the Images group. Select "Online Pictures" there.

 Online Pictures in PowerPoint

Bing's image search will be displayed in a separate window. Enter the search terms in the search bar and select the image you want to insert. Once selected, click on "Paste".

 Search for online images

You can also use this method to select and insert several images at the same time.

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Inserting Charts

Charts are a great resource for viewing trends in data over a set period of time. When you search for charts, you find this option in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab in Word and PowerPoint.

 Select Chart Option

The Chart option opens the Insert Chart dialog box. Select a category on the left, click on the desired graph and then select "OK".

 Select and insert diagram

The diagram is inserted.

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One of the main purposes of Excel was to display data trends, and Microsoft gave it a separate "Diagrams" section – along with one "Tours" and "Sparklines" sections – for faster access to the selection of diagrams available in Office.

 Diagrams in Excel

Creating and inserting screenshots

Office has an integrated snipping tool You can take screenshots and place them directly in your document. You will find this option in the Illustrations group in Word and Excel in the Insert tab.

 Screenshot in Word, Excel

In PowerPoint you will find the option in the group "Images".

 Screenshot in PowerPoint

After selecting the "Screenshot" option, a drop-down menu is displayed. A snapshot of each window you currently have open on your computer will be displayed. If you want to insert one of them, one click is enough. If you want to take a screenshot of a specific part of the screen, you can choose "Screen Capture."

 Screenshot Tools

Once selected, all you need to do to capture part of your screen is click, drag and drop. The part you have taken will automatically appear in your document.

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Inserting Shapes

Sometimes a simple form is enough to illustrate a point. If you are looking for a shape, choose "Shapes" from the "Illustrations" group of the "Insert" tab in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

 Insert forms

A clip A menu with a library of shapes appears. Select the shape to insert.

If you want to tweak a shape a bit, you can do it using the edit points. Alternatively, you can draw and edit your own shape if you can not find the shape you are looking for.

Inserting symbols

You can also illustrate your point by using symbols and symbols. If you select Symbols in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, there are many icons to choose from.

 Selecting Icons [19659005] The new window that appears allows you to browse the selection of icons provided by Microsoft. When you find the one you want, select "Paste".

 Select and insert icon

The icon now appears in your Office app.

Inserting 3D Models [19659004] Office offers a selection of 3D models and is a unique resource for users who want to rotate an object to see it from all angles. You will find this option in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab.

 3D Models

Selecting "3D Models" opens a new window. Navigate through the different models available here and select the one you want. Once selected, click on "Paste".

 Select and insert 3D model

The 3D model is now inserted. Click and drag to rotate the model from the center of the image.

 Rotating cow GIF

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SmartArt provides a collection of diagrams, lists, Charts, etc. To insert a SmartArt graphic, select "SmartArt" in the "Illustrations" group of the "Insert" tab in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

 Select SmartArt Option

The Select a SmartArt Graphics dialog box appears. Select a category from the list on the left. Then select your graphic and click on "OK".

 Select and Paste SmartArt

Your SmartArt will now be inserted.

PowerPoint org chart with excel data

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