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Pelosi’s approach to business talks has Trump, Democrats squirming

Yet when Pelosi turned down White House offers, arguing that they are not good enough and will not cater to the needs of the American public, some Democrats urge them to make the elusive deal. She has pressured her case on private phone calls, calling a recently published White House offer a “slush fund” that the president could use for his own political gain, according to two Democrats who phoned her on condition of anonymity talk to her, discuss her. Their argument is that the White House could try to use some of the money on Trump’s will, not on the intent of Congress.

Still, concerns are growing that if the speaker does not say yes to something soon, voters will have to wait months for financial support and that the economy could deteriorate significantly during that time.

“When families and businesses are injured and it looks like we have to wait until February for action, we just can̵

7;t turn away any help immediately,” said Rep. Josh Gottheimer (DN.J.), chairman of the bipartisan problem-solver Caucus encouraged the speaker to make a deal for weeks. “I’m sure there is room for improvement, but we should stay at the table until we can get this over the finish line.”

Pelosi’s stance has politicians squirming on both sides. Shortly after midnight Thursday morning, Trump targeted Pelosi’s approach directly and wrote on Twitter, “Nancy Pelosi couldn’t care less about the American people or the great American worker. She should now approve the required STIMULUS. Most of the other dems agree. Republicans are ready to go I’m ready to sign !!! “

Trump’s tweet greatly exaggerated the GOP’s appetite for a deal as Senate Republicans rebelled against the government’s call for a huge new spending bill.

However, the subject is a sensitive subject for the speaker. Politics, she has often argued, has nothing to do with her position, and suggestions to the contrary can infuriate her. On Tuesday night, for example, the typically even-tempered Pelosi was so upset by CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s suggestions that she “had the perfect made the enemy of the good” that she accused him of being an excuse for the GOP who didn’t knew what he was talking about.

The issue is also extremely sensitive in the House Democratic Caucus, where some Democrats want Pelosi to make a deal but are also afraid to call the powerful spokesman by name.

Nobody wants to undermine Pelosi’s negotiating hand, and most of the caucus still strongly support her approach.

With millions of Americans out of work and in an increasingly desperate situation, some lawmakers are growing louder with fears that they will not be able to come to an agreement quickly. Congress hasn’t passed a bill since April to approve new economic relief or health care spending for the pandemic, and Democrats fear that if Trump loses the election, he will not be in the mood to negotiate.

“I’d like to see a deal now,” said Rep. Tom Malinowski (DN.J.), a new lawmaker from a vulnerable district. “And what is important to me is not the dollar amount, but the knowledge that the key features are appealing.” The state and local aid measures are financed for at least several months, as the need is immediate and great. “

At least some Democrats, including Malinowski, argue that the House should pass a White House-backed package and send it to the Senate, forcing Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) And Senate Republicans to deal with it immediately if they do instead focus on filling the Supreme Court position.

“I’m afraid if Trump loses the election, we’ll be through by February because he won’t be in the mood to help or work with anyone,” Malinowski said.

“If we think we really want to get a deal, we can do a deal,” said another House Democrat, Rep. Ro Khanna (California) – whose views Pelosi dismissed in her CNN interview Tuesday night, saying he said was not privy to the details of the conversation. “My point is just, let’s make sure we don’t go empty-handed.”

Pressure has led Pelosi to go on the defensive this week: on a private call with some of its members on Wednesday, Pelosi reassured colleagues that she was serious about wanting a deal with the White House.

“Why should we even talk to each other if we didn’t want a bill?” she asked, referring to her ongoing conversations with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, according to a person who was familiar with her comments and spoke on condition of anonymity in order to divulge them.

Then she ticked a number of issues with the White House’s recent offer for a $ 1.8 trillion package, including the inclusion of non-starter corporate liability protections for Democrats. Other liberal members of the caucus supported Pelosi, respondents said, arguing that the White House plan would hurt the disadvantaged.

“We can’t have a deal that goes backwards,” Pelosi told the group.

Some lawmakers fear that Pelosi will refuse to make a deal because Trump can achieve a political victory, although virtually no Democrat will say so publicly.

It’s an argument Republicans have been making for months. Rep. Tom Reed, the GOP chairman of the Problem Solvers Caucus, who posted a bipartisan roadmap for a deal a few weeks ago, accused Pelosi and Senate minority leader Charles E. Schumer (DN.Y.) of having positive political perspectives To provide results.

“They are determined not to give the president a victory so close to the election because they are so close to the brass rings of power, be it in the White House or the Senate, and they are ready to let the American people suffer until February … and that’s horrific, “said the New York Republican. “Take the deal, take yes for an answer.”

There is little political advantage for Pelosi if she makes a deal before election day that she does not want. Currently, Republicans are bearing the brunt of voter ire over Trump’s pandemic response, with House Republicans expected to lose their seats in November, according to most political handicappers. Even Pelosi’s most vulnerable House Democrats are doing far better than many polls had envisioned, and some are pulling record fundraisers.

In the Senate, the Republicans privately fear losing control of the upper chamber. And on the way of the president, former Vice President Joe Biden is considered the big favorite given Trump’s dismal approval ratings.

Trump, facing potential political carnage for the GOP, has strong imperatives to get a deal. Not so with Pelosi, who this week told other lawmakers, “I don’t think our leverage has ever been greater.”

In addition, the House passed two sweeping coronavirus relief bills – a package worth $ 3.4 trillion in May and a narrower version worth $ 2.2 trillion earlier this month – during the month of the GOP-led Senate failed to act. Senate Republicans have made crystal clear their dislike of the $ 1.8 trillion White House proposal, leading Pelosi’s allies to wonder why they should be held responsible when the Senate hasn’t acted and that White House can’t even put Republicans behind the president’s own proposal.

“The time to act was months ago when the House first acted,” said Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Ill.).

Pelosi has argued, publicly and privately, that a sub-par deal would allow the president to put his name on economic reviews without providing policy results and funding to meet current demands.

If Pelosi waits, she could instead negotiate with a Biden government that is more likely to back the massive aid package that the spokesman has been pushing for since May. She told her peers this week that any deal struck on the street will be retroactive, an attempt to redress the suffering of Americans who have been left behind during the negotiations.

Still, waiting is risky. Trump is currently more desperate than ever due to his poor approval ratings and position behind Biden in the polls. However, should he win re-election, he may not be that willing partner. And if he loses, neither could he. Pelosi is expected to resume negotiations with Mnuchin on Thursday, and neither have announced they will be giving up hopes of a deal.

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