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Phone is not charging – How to repair a phone that is not charging properly

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It's a problem that many of us have experienced before – at the end of a long day, your phone is about to die. You come home, put it in and … nothing happens. This can be frustrating, but diagnosing the problem can be a lot more.

There are some issues that may occur – your device may completely refuse to load or it may be charging very slowly; sometimes so slow that the power is actually consumed faster than it does If you have any of these problems, we've found a few ways to diagnose your battery problems and help you solve the problem.

Download Amp

Amp is a really great tool for making sure that your phone is charged and how much it is charged. It indicates how much power your device consumes when charging. That's why the app is not just for checking whether your phone is charging at all, but also to find out which charging method is best.

If the number in the app appears green, but the device is charging. If it's an orange minus, your device is using power. Try the app after following the steps below and see what changes are made.

Try Another Power Source

It's quite possible that your phone or charger is not really the problem, but rather the outlet you want to charge. If you are trying to charge from the wall, try a different outlet or directly from the computer. If you're charging from a USB port on your computer, switch to a different port or try using a power adapter. If your device starts charging when you change the power source, you have determined the problem and may need to hire an electrician or have your computer repaired.

Check the Charging Cable

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There are two components you should check before restarting your device and trying to repair USB jacks – the wall adapter and the charging cable , The charging cable is by far the most common charging problem, which makes sense – they have to unpack and rewind a lot, bend and people try to connect them from unusual angles. All these things can damage the cable.

The likelihood of having some charging cables lying around you should try replacing the cable with another one to see if this helps. If you have no other cable to test, you should borrow a cable before taking a drastic step.

Check the wall adapter

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The other component you need to check before playing with your phone is the wall adapter. This is especially true if you are using an adapter that allows the cable to be removed. It is quite possible that the USB port of the adapter has been damaged.

As with the cable, the easiest way to check if the adapter is faulty is to simply charge it with a new adapter. However, if you do not have access to another adapter, you can try connecting your computer. When charging with the same phone and cable, the adapter may be faulty (although you may also want to use multiple outlets!).

Turn Off Your Phone

While trying to charge your phone, playing with graphics may be faster than charging the battery. This seems like it is not really charged. If you turn off your phone while charging (or at least turn off the screen), there is a small chance that you will use the power too fast. Even switching to airplane mode can significantly reduce your load time.

Check the USB Socket

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After cables and adapters have been ruled out as problems, it's time to familiarize yourself with the technical aspects employ. Often the problem is the small metal plug in the USB port, which may be slightly bent so that it does not properly contact the charging cable.

To fix this, turn off your phone and remove the battery if you can. Then take a needle or similar in size and flatten the small tab in the USB port of your phone. Make sure you are not too coarse with this process – you could end up doing more harm than good. Then reinsert the battery, turn on the device, and try reloading it.

Another potential problem could be a problem with the USB port, such as B. pocket lint. Taking a can of compressed air and pulling out what is in the USB port should fix the problem when it actually does.

Replacing the Battery

When you arrive at a point where the battery is exhausted, consider whether to buy a new phone. If this is not an option, replacing the battery can be helpful.

Sometimes faulty batteries are easy to diagnose as they leak out of the battery fluid or inflate a bit. Of course, most cell phones today do not have replaceable batteries. So if you have one of the few models – such as the LG V20 – you probably need to take the phone to a repair shop to see if they are available can check the entire battery replacement situation for you.

Updating or Resetting the Operating System

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Changes to the software running on your device may affect battery life more than you think. While newer versions of Android have generally been optimized to save battery life, older phones can not handle the new software and battery life management.

If you find the loading problem was about the same As a software update, you may need to resort to an older version of Android earlier. Keep in mind, however, that installing the latest operating system will make your device more secure. There are many tutorials that will help you reset your version of Android, and you may need some technical know-how.

If you're using an older version of Android, it's worth upgrading to see if that helps with the loading issues.

Have you tried one of these methods? Do you have any other suggestions that could help? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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