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Plan an extra day or two at home to end your trip – LifeSavvy

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Do you want to ensure that you have a stress-free, relaxed feeling after every vacation? Well, the secret might surprise you: instead of trying to put as much holiday as possible on your vacation, you'll end up spending an extra day or two.

Holiday, everything you've ever wanted: sunbathing by the sea, not a care around the world or a feast of fresh pasta in Rome, so immersed in Italian culture that you forgot where They work. Sounds ideal, but we all know that's never the case. No matter how relaxed the actual journey, the tedious journey home or the constant flight home and the emerging reality of work the next day are, your last one or two days off and the first few days you are back in action, are just a mix of Pressure and stress. I know some people who got off a 1

2-hour long-haul flight at 7am and worked at their desk at 9am – they were ruined for days.

But that does not have to be that way. Instead of trying to touch the ground after your journey, walk to the ground. If you take an extra day or two at the end of your holiday – or just come home on a Saturday instead of Sunday – you can go back to real life without stress. You will enjoy your holiday more and your life in the following week will be easier. Here is the reason.

Sleep Again On Course

Even if you do not have six time zones behind you, your sleep plan will almost certainly be confused after a few days of long nights and loungers. The holiday is a mess with carefully coordinated sleep routines.

If you plan on spending an extra day or two at the end of your vacation, you can adjust your sleep properly instead of rushing into the next week with four hours' sleep and letting your body calm down. The additional 24 hours are enough to cover most of your jet lag, compensate for any sleep problems and get to bed early enough for you to rest well into the next week. [19659006] Unpack and Prepare for the Next Week

Have you ever left your luggage in a corner of the room until you run out of clothes or go on your next trip? Of course you have. Unpacking is even worse than packing.

When you get to work late at night the next day, unpacking is one of the things that end up on your "tomorrow's problems" list – and it stays there. On the other hand, if you have one or two days off, you can do it as you please, do your laundry, and feel very productive when you do. Look at you, you functioning human!

You can also do all your normal routines before the week, such as As the preparation of meals, lunch at school, check if all homework is done and the like. Especially if you have a family to organize, it is a godsend to stick to your routine the next week.

Do not worry about delays and other issues.

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Flights are delayed, luggage is lost, children get cold in airplanes – travel is a mild disaster. If you do not have a buffer and your plane is delayed or even canceled, the Zen status that you have reached during your absence will not last. You may even have to call your boss and ask for an additional, unpaid day off. It's a pretty miserable situation.

However, if you already have another day off, your belated aircraft turns from a big problem into a slight inconvenience or even an adventure. Lost luggage is not a crisis. It's a bit tedious. Maybe you are a bit stressed, but it is not a stress that reverses the holiday in the background.

Save money

Holidays are not cheap – even if you follow our great tips on saving money while traveling. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is to shorten the time span. If you come back one or two nights earlier, you will save on accommodation and things like car rental. And if you're a bit flexible, you can save money on your flights.

But now to the real trick: You can save the money and do something boring, like putting it in your 401k or paying out the college debt, or you can use it to treat yourself at home on that extra day. Is there a nice restaurant you have not gone to because it is a little expensive? How about bringing the kids to the movies and then indulging in popcorn and ice cream? Or just all-in with a big snack and a movie at home? You have just saved money on your trip! You have the right to do something great and entertaining at home (your holiday is not over yet anyway). You still have more money in your pocket than if you had stayed away for the last day or two.

Get to work

Okay, I'm very hesitant to recommend this product because I do not like it I do not think people should work on their vacation time, but if you work in a high pressure job, With a little preparation in your personal time making everything a lot easier, maybe the day off is just what you need to make sure you are not overwhelmed as soon as you go back to the office on your day.

If you know you have a few hours at home after the end of your trip, you can check email and check the week ahead. You can afford to ignore your phone while you are on vacation. You've already taken the time to get back on track so you do not have to stay up-to-date all the time.

Really relaxing

Holidays are great Nice, but they can also be very stressful if you do something other than just laze around by the pool. Half the time, people come back from a trip and feel like they need another trip to recover.

The best place to relax, apart from a private island in the Bahamas, is your own living room. You have your favorite chair, your pets and the usual comfort of your own home. With an extra day at home – and remember that you're still on vacation – you can relax at home with no debt. Find out about the movies you missed, play on your PlayStation, or start a new show on Netflix. Trust me; You will enjoy it as much as your absence.

Trust me, next time you're away, take an extra day off afterward. You will love it.

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