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Pokémon GO drops support for older Android devices – Are you on the chopping block? «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Even three years after its first release, Niantics Pokémon GO is still strong. If you're an Android user still looking for the latest Pokémon offer in your city, you should listen. Niantic cuts off support for obsolete Android devices, meaning that you soon dream of catching them all.

Niantic announced the change via Twitter on Tuesday, June 19. In the tweet, the company indicates that Pokémon GO will discontinue support for Android 4.4 KitKat as of July 1, 2019. The device will run slightly lower than Android 5.0 on July 1

. After this time, unfortunately, an error message will be displayed when you try to start GO.

Are you one of the Android users affected by this change? You have a one in ten chance. 10.7% of the Android community currently uses Android 4.4 or lower, and 6.9% of users use KitKat itself. This is a significant portion of Android users, many of whom are likely to be enthusiastic Pokémon GO fans.

So how do you know if your smartphone is running the KitKat that will stop working soon? Unfortunately, there is no clear list that you can use to control your phone. Instead, read our guide to view the software version of your phone. They hope for Android version 5.0 or higher. If so, you are clear. However, if you see 4.4 or lower, your problems start here.

If you find that your phone will not be able to play the game in July, what will happen? Well, actually only one of two possibilities. First, you can update your phone if it supports Android 5.0+. If you check your software updates and find that KitKat is the latest update for your phone, the only other option is to buy a new phone.

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