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Pouring fat down the drain is the fastest way to meet your local plumber – LifeSavvy

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Giving fat from bacon and burgers to the drain may seem harmless. Sooner or later, however, this fat stops your drain completely. Here is what to do.

Grease harms your drains

When you're done cooking a greasy hamburger, it's tempting to drain the liquid into the drain. However, if you let the fat cool down long enough, it will solidify again. This also happens in your drain and clogs him up.

Grease in your pipes collects other flowing waste, such as leftovers. This accumulation of food and fat accumulates and slowly (or not at all) drips your sink. While you can use a drain cleaner, a drainpipe or plumber may be required for poor clogging.

Even if you run the water hot to flush everything away, some still remain in your plumbers and, worse still, cause problems for the whole neighborhood. Hot water can only hold the fat firmly for a long time, and it eventually cools down.

Conclusion: There is no good reason to pour fat into the drain.

What you should do with your cooking fat instead

Here are three options for cleaning meat fats and edible oils from your pans.

Pour into a glass.

Both fat that solidifies and cooking fat that can not get into a glass and is stored until the glass is full. Use separate jars for each type of oil. You can reuse them both (in the refrigerator) to grease pans or to use in your fryer. If you do not want to reuse them, just throw the glass when it's full.

Be careful when filling in hot fat. Do not burn yourself.

Freeze and throw in the trash.

Allow the pan to cool to remove the fat left over from cooking greasy meat. When the fat has cooled down, it is firm and you can scrape it directly into the dustbin.

If you do not want to scrape the pan and clean it thoroughly, do the following: Press a piece of foil into a bowl, add the fat, and then let it cool. Throw away foil and grease.

Wipe with paper towels.

You can wipe both cooking fat and solid fat with paper from the pan of towels after the pan has cooled. This technique causes more waste, but it also saves you having to call the plumber for clogged pipes.

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