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President Pelosi? Pence prepares to risk everything for Trump

A month before election day, Pence is risking everything to save his ticket.

The Vice President himself has put on a positive face for the GOP ticket representation in a moment of uncertainty, despite pressure from White House aides and allies to settle in Washington until Trump gets the all-clear. The President remains a patient at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he has received various therapies and drugs to combat the potentially fatal disease.

Despite pressures to stay on the pitch, Pence’s allies insist that he was created for a moment like this because of his calming temperament, understanding of the virus, and relentless loyalty to Trump. However, other people near Pence lamented his decision to fly halfway across the country while the commander-in-chief remains in the hospital and administrative officials have limited information about his status. The protocols used to protect the Vice President on the Campaign are the same that could not protect Trump from exposure to the virus.

“You can no longer say, ̵

6;There is no way he’ll understand,’ because that’s what we said about the President and it still happened,” said a White House official.

Scott Jennings, an aide to former President George W. Bush who is close to Trump’s White House, signaled that Pence should stay in town and be vigilant given his place in the chain of command.

“The president is hospitalized with a disease known to kill people,” Jennings said. “Mike Pence’s health and safety are of paramount importance.”

Although Pence and his wife Karen have had negative tests repeatedly since Trump announced his positive diagnosis early Friday, there were at least eight people who found positive for Covid after a ceremony in the White House rose garden where Trump unveiled his Supreme Court -19 were tested replacements for the deceased judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Those who have contracted the virus and are currently quarantined include First Lady Melania Trump, Trump Campaign Manager Bill Stepien, Trump Hide, Trump Sens. Mike Lee and Thom Tillis, Former White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Pence has been recognized by people inside and outside the White House as someone who takes the virus more seriously than Trump – although some say he may not take it seriously enough either. The vice president took control of the White House’s coronavirus task force in February and has shaped much of its daily engagement with Trump administration officials and governors across the country. But he has played two roles in this role: sometimes he tries to clean up Trump’s efforts to downplay the virus, and sometimes he paints a rosy portrait and frames the pandemic in the past tense, just like Trump did.

Despite the ongoing risk of exposure, the Trump campaign is keen to use pence as it carries out what is known as “Operation MAGA,” a quickly assembled effort to keep the President’s re-election operation afloat for the next 30 days by the members The Vice President’s first family and key allies are posted for virtual and in-person events across the country.

Part of that effort is to get Pence back on the campaign trail as soon as possible to meet a “very aggressive schedule,” Trump senior campaign advisor Jason Miller told NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday.

Trump spoke to election workers Stepien, Miller and Corey Lewandowski this weekend, the three men said. The campaign on Monday evening will hold its first virtual rally since Trump’s diagnosis.

Pence ”is now the face. It needs to be stepped up starting today, “said a former Trump campaign official, reiterating the opinion of current election officials that it is important that the vice president be as visible as possible while the president is in recovery to calm the GOP and to strengthen base.

“We don’t operate in fear,” said Steve Cortes, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign. “The president [has] has so far recovered with tremendous progress. The Vice President is healthy and working non-stop. The continuity of the command is well established. We will neither duck nor hide, neither the country nor the administration nor our campaign. ”

Pence is expected to postpone a meeting with Utah Republicans when he arrives in Salt Lake City on Monday. This emerges from two people who are familiar with his plans. One of them said the vice president would spend most of Monday and Tuesday preparing for his debate on land with a narrow circle of advisors.

“Wednesday is now effectively the next presidential debate,” said the former Trump campaign official.

The Trump campaign also announced on Saturday that Pence would host a “MAGA event” at a tactical equipment manufacturer in Peoria, Arizona on Thursday, the day after the debate. When asked if attendees at Thursday’s event were required to wear protective masks, Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said only that masks are “highly recommended” and that temperature checks are carried out before entry – suggesting that the Trump’s campaign does not plan to change its security protocols in the future.

“The TP is tested daily and it is absolutely important that he is on the go. We will advertise digitally, we will advertise in person and we will adhere to the protocols that we always had, ”said a second Trump campaign official.

A former senior administration official said Pence could take over the president’s duties anytime, anywhere if necessary, but should only return to campaigning if he doesn’t host major events without masks or social distancing.

“The vice president must balance his responsibility as the president’s successor with the responsibility of serving as the head of the task force as an example of our public health response,” said the person.

In a 20-minute internal conference call on Saturday, an upbeat pence gave an encouraging speech to Trump campaign staff and volunteers across the country asking them to move forward in the weeks leading up to the November election.

Although Pence was closer to the Oval Office than ever before, he maintained his characteristic respect for Trump throughout the call, praising the president for taking swift action against the novel coronavirus by suspending entry from China and supporting him for the Covid -19 blamed task force.

“You know, I’ve said that when I’ve been touring the country many times in the past few days, President Donald Trump has never stopped fighting for us. Now it’s our turn to fight for him, ”Pence said on POLITICO’s audio.

At another point on the call, he said Trump wanted him to tell staff to do their part to fight the virus.

“Wash your hands regularly, use hand sanitizer, wear a mask if you can’t socialize,” he said.

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